Never Leave Home Again

Posted on 09.22.2011

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Here's a thought experiment for you: Imagine that one day, for whatever reason, you decided you never wanted to leave the house again. Maybe you've pondered this idea after a long day in front of the computer, in your underwear. We sometimes find that we can go whole days without leaving the house, but what about forever? Running down the list of vital necessities for carrying out such an existence, it's difficult to find anything that can't be procured online. Money? 40% of jobs in America could technically be done from home. Food and things? With the rise of Amazon and online grocers, even fresh produce can be delivered to your home everyday. Friends and relationships? Now that we have more online friends than we have in real life, that one's a no brainer, and millions of Americans pursue online dating everyday. What about school? Online learning is perhaps the newest move from traditional to digital of these categories, but it's also been one of the most explosive. Degrees from numerous universities - and we're not just talking Phoenix - can be completed entirely on a computer. Is staying home forever something you'd actually want to do? Probably not. But is it possible? Heck yes.