Audio Production in California

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There are schools offering audio production programs in California!

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Schools Offering Audio Production Programs in California

Each year, roughly 0.3% of California students graduate with degrees in audio production. In other words, every year an estimated 2,412 audio producers graduate from California's 74 audio production schools.

Top Schools

Biola University, which is located in La Mirada, is the top-ranked school in California that has a audio production program. It received a ranking of 21st in the country in 2010. In 2010, Biola University graduated 44 students from its audio production program. Students at Biola University paid $28,852 per year in tuition fees.

The second-ranked school in California with a audio production program is Pepperdine University, which is located in Malibu. In 2010, it was ranked 24th nationwide. In 2010, 27 students graduated from Pepperdine University audio production program. Pepperdine University charged in-state students $39,080 in tuition fees per year.

University of La Verne, which was ranked 24th nationwide in 2010, is the third-ranked school in California that has a audio production program. It is located in La Verne. In 2010, 9 students graduated from University of La Verne audio production program. University of La Verne charged in-state students $29,800 in tuition fees per year.


Tuition at California's audio production schools ranges from $39,080 per year to $624 per year. But, the average tuition is $3,995 per year. The highest tuition rates in 2010 at California audio production schools were charged at the following schools:

  1. Pepperdine University - located in Malibu, students are charged $39,080 per year
  2. Loyola Marymount University - located in Los Angeles, students are charged $36,622 per year
  3. University of La Verne - located in La Verne, students are charged $29,800 per year

The audio production schools that charged the lowest tuition rates in California were:

  1. West Hills College Coalinga - located in Coalinga, students are charged $624 per year
  2. San Joaquin Delta College - located in Stockton, students are charged $624 per year
  3. American River College - located in Sacramento, students are charged $644 per year

An audio production degree from a California school... what next?

The highest percentage of audio production graduates in California pursue careers as an audio producer. 8,220 audio producers were working in California in 2010. The California counties with the largest populations of audio producers are:

  1. Los Angeles County - 3,910 audio producers
  2. Marin County - 930 audio producers
  3. Orange County - 750 audio producers

Projected Growth

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2018, an estimated 11,600 audio producers will be working in California state. This would require the number of audio producers to grow by 7%.


An audio producer in California earns $49,110 per year on average. In 2010, however, some California audio producers earned as little as less than $19,200 per year or as much as more than $86,600 per year. The counties in California with the highest average salary for an audio producer are:

  1. Orange County - $53,650 per year
  2. Marin County - $52,320 per year
  3. Los Angeles County - $52,160 per year

The California counties with the lowest average salary for audio producers are:

  1. El Dorado County - $35,890 per year
  2. Riverside County - $36,430 per year
  3. Fresno County - $38,040 per year

More Information

The charts and graphs below have additional California statistics regarding a career in audio production. Take a look and compare salaries with various related fields such as audio production or music production.

Here are the different levels of study available for you to explore.

  • Associate's Degree in Audio Production in California
  • Bachelor's Degree in Audio Production in California
  • Master's Degree in Audio Production in California
  • Certificate in Audio Production in California

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Distance School City State Rating Acceptance Rate Student Population
7,776 miles from location Riverside Community College Riverside CA 15.8854 n/a 36,586
7,805 miles from location California State University-Fullerton Fullerton CA 36.6289 24% 36,262
7,820 miles from location California State University-Long Beach Long Beach CA 40.6226 23% 35,557
7,883 miles from location American River College Sacramento CA 15.4069 n/a 35,413
7,833 miles from location California State University-Northridge Northridge CA 31.9561 27% 35,198
7,781 miles from location San Diego State University San Diego CA 44.1756 28% 32,817
7,835 miles from location Santa Monica College Santa Monica CA 14.1706 n/a 32,313
7,943 miles from location San Jose State University San Jose CA 32.9649 23% 31,280
7,808 miles from location Santa Ana College Santa Ana CA 15.7905 n/a 31,073
7,963 miles from location San Francisco State University San Francisco CA 33.6948 18% 30,469
7,800 miles from location Mt. San Antonio College Walnut CA 19.4628 n/a 29,935
7,820 miles from location Long Beach City College Long Beach CA 13.8435 n/a 27,894
7,780 miles from location Palomar College San Marcos CA 16.5038 n/a 27,442
7,830 miles from location El Camino Community College District Torrance CA 15.8275 n/a 27,237
7,893 miles from location Sacramento City College Sacramento CA 14.8295 n/a 27,171
7,813 miles from location Pasadena City College Pasadena CA 17.7379 n/a 26,453
7,848 miles from location Fresno City College Fresno CA 13.5394 n/a 25,511
7,811 miles from location Orange Coast College Costa Mesa CA 19.3061 n/a 25,316
7,951 miles from location De Anza College Cupertino CA 24.9068 n/a 25,191
7,800 miles from location Saddleback College Mission Viejo CA 19.6994 n/a 23,260
7,807 miles from location Fullerton College Fullerton CA 17.0593 n/a 22,469
7,811 miles from location Rio Hondo College Whittier CA 14.8367 n/a 22,432
7,936 miles from location Diablo Valley College Pleasant Hill CA 17.2076 n/a 21,951
7,817 miles from location Cerritos College Norwalk CA 14.3203 n/a 21,776
7,779 miles from location Southwestern College Chula Vista CA 16.965 n/a 21,597
7,832 miles from location College of the Canyons Valencia CA 15.1196 n/a 21,575
7,783 miles from location Chaffey College Alta Loma CA 13.8744 n/a 21,399
7,817 miles from location California State University-Los Angeles Los Angeles CA 25.7976 14% 20,619
7,777 miles from location Grossmont College El Cajon CA 14.8513 n/a 20,335
7,898 miles from location San Joaquin Delta College Stockton CA 16.8338 n/a 20,223
7,829 miles from location Los Angeles Valley College Van Nuys CA 13.476 n/a 19,951
7,824 miles from location Los Angeles City College Los Angeles CA 12.6588 n/a 19,873
7,890 miles from location Modesto Junior College Modesto CA 14.2493 n/a 18,410
7,954 miles from location Foothill College Los Altos CA 21.5152 n/a 18,293
7,787 miles from location San Diego City College San Diego CA 12.0991 n/a 18,074
7,756 miles from location Mt. San Jacinto Community College District San Jacinto CA 11.7295 n/a 17,583
7,818 miles from location Glendale Community College Glendale CA 16.4257 n/a 16,781
7,849 miles from location Moorpark College Moorpark CA 19.4776 n/a 16,393
7,891 miles from location Cosumnes River College Sacramento CA 12.3879 n/a 15,946
7,806 miles from location Antelope Valley College Lancaster CA 16.6671 n/a 15,705
7,814 miles from location Cypress College Cypress CA 15.6296 n/a 15,439
7,946 miles from location Chabot College Hayward CA 14.9806 n/a 15,375
7,770 miles from location San Bernardino Valley College San Bernardino CA 10.4241 n/a 14,916
7,815 miles from location Golden West College Huntington Beach CA 14.783 n/a 13,978
7,951 miles from location Laney College Oakland CA 18.6398 n/a 13,627
7,786 miles from location MiraCosta College Oceanside CA 17.1854 n/a 13,537
7,873 miles from location Butte College Oroville CA 14.6243 n/a 13,147
7,800 miles from location Citrus College Glendora CA 12.4755 n/a 12,895
7,800 miles from location Santiago Canyon College Orange CA 15.409 n/a 12,698
7,932 miles from location Solano Community College Fairfield CA 15.9371 n/a 12,222
7,928 miles from location Cuesta College San Luis Obispo CA 15.736 n/a 12,025
7,939 miles from location Ohlone Community College Fremont CA 14.992 n/a 11,695
7,961 miles from location College of San Mateo San Mateo CA 15.1982 n/a 11,310
7,925 miles from location Los Medanos College Pittsburg CA 11.077 n/a 10,773
7,829 miles from location Los Angeles Harbor College Wilmington CA 12.7915 n/a 10,181
7,833 miles from location Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles CA 37.1994 25% 9,015
7,869 miles from location Oxnard College Oxnard CA 16.1276 n/a 8,642
7,881 miles from location Yuba College Marysville CA 12.4683 n/a 8,564
7,847 miles from location Pepperdine University Malibu CA 75.691 33% 7,733
7,795 miles from location University of La Verne La Verne CA 61.7321 31% 7,482
7,939 miles from location Napa Valley College Napa CA 15.1485 n/a 7,282
7,823 miles from location El Camino College-Compton Center Compton CA 6.2099 n/a 6,691
7,812 miles from location Biola University La Mirada CA 78.7586 52% 5,942
7,955 miles from location California State University-Monterey Bay Seaside CA 23.9956 14% 4,688
7,891 miles from location West Hills College Coalinga Coalinga CA 14.4797 n/a 2,965
7,834 miles from location The Art Institute of California-Los Angeles Santa Monica CA 22.3446 96% 2,159
7,810 miles from location Vanguard University of Southern California Costa Mesa CA 26.3513 43% 1,923
7,768 miles from location The Art Institute of California-Inland Empire San Bernardino CA 12.2161 99% 1,377
7,951 miles from location Expression College for Digital Arts Emeryville CA 33.4325 100% 1,054
7,825 miles from location Los Angeles Film School Los Angeles CA 28.3619 n/a 517
7,826 miles from location Los Angeles Recording School Los Angeles CA 29.6073 n/a 507
7,948 miles from location Cogswell Polytechnical College Sunnyvale CA 57.6914 63% 199
7,871 miles from location Ventura Adult and Continuing Education Ventura CA 32.1508 n/a 126
7,813 miles from location The Academy of Radio and TV Broadcasting Huntington Beach CA 24.7699 n/a 76

Curious what studying Audio Production gets you?

Check out the different options and how they're looking in California

Rank Profession Employment Number Avg Salary Job Growth (past 5 yrs)
Audio and Video Equipment Technicians + 8,220 $49,110 16.6%
Broadcast Technicians + 4,360 $47,580 5.6%
Sound Engineering Technicians + 3,820 $68,730 15.1%

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