Medical Billing in California

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There are schools offering medical billing programs in California!

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Schools Offering Medical Billing Programs in California

Around 0.3% of California's graduates graduate from medical billing certificate programs every year. In other words, every year an estimated 2,395 medical billers graduate from California's 45 medical billing schools.

Top Schools

TechSkills of Sacramento, which is located in Sacramento, is the top-ranked school in California that has a medical billing program. It received a ranking of 62nd in the country in 2010. In 2010, TechSkills of Sacramento graduated 4 students from its medical billing program.

The second-ranked school in California that has a medical billing program is North-West College-Glendale. North-West College-Glendale, which was ranked 62nd in the country in 2010, is located in Glendale. 4 students graduated with certificate in medical billing from North-West College-Glendale in 2010.

The third-ranked school in California with a medical billing program is Institute for Business and Technology, which is located in Santa Clara. In 2010, it was ranked 63rd nationwide. 50 students graduated with certificate in medical billing from Institute for Business and Technology in 2010. Students at Institute for Business and Technology paid $0 per year in tuition fees.


Tuition at California's medical billing schools ranges from $13,738 per year to $11,400 per year. But, the average tuition is $1,211 per year. The California medical billing schools with the highest tuition rates in 2010 were:

  1. Everest College-West Los Angeles - located in Los Angeles, students are charged $13,738 per year
  2. Everest College-City of Industry - located in La Puente, students are charged $13,518 per year
  3. San Joaquin Valley College-Bakersfield - located in Bakersfield, students are charged $13,418 per year

The medical billing schools in California that charged the lowest tuition rates were:

  1. Mayfield College - located in Cathedral City, students are charged $11,400 per year
  2. San Joaquin Valley College-Bakersfield - located in Bakersfield, students are charged $13,418 per year
  3. Everest College-City of Industry - located in La Puente, students are charged $13,518 per year

A medical billing certificate from a California school... what next?

Most people who graduate from medical billing school in California go on to work as a medical biller. California had 57,470 medical billers in 2010. The following counties have the largest number of California medical billers:

  1. Los Angeles County - 17,450 medical billers
  2. Orange County - 6,390 medical billers
  3. San Diego County - 4,930 medical billers

Projected Growth

According the US Bureau of Labor Statistics the number of medical billers is expected to grow by 14% by 2018. There are projected to be 70,700 medical billers working in the California then.


A medical biller in California makes an average of $36,300 per year. However, this number is only an average. medical billers in California had varying salaries from $19,100 to $64,390 per year in 2010. On average a medical biller earns the most in the following California counties:

  1. San Benito County - $46,430 per year
  2. Marin County - $44,080 per year
  3. Sonoma County - $41,940 per year

A medical biller in the following counties in California make the lowest salaries on average:

  1. Kings County - $27,070 per year
  2. Imperial County - $29,100 per year
  3. Sutter County - $29,260 per year

More Information

For more data regarding a career in medical billing in California and to compare salaries with various related fields such as health information management or allied health, take a look at the graphs and charts below.

Here are the different levels of study available for you to explore.

  • Associate's Degree in Medical Billing in California
  • Certificate in Medical Billing in California

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Distance School City State Rating Acceptance Rate Student Population
7,785 miles from location Kaplan College-Chula Vista Chula Vista CA n/a n/a n/a
7,807 miles from location Everest College-Santa Ana Santa Ana CA n/a n/a n/a
7,822 miles from location United Education Institute-Huntington Park Campus Huntington Park CA 29.7483 72% 9,540
7,769 miles from location Summit Career College Colton CA 24.5911 n/a 1,603
7,887 miles from location Carrington College California-Sacramento Sacramento CA 30.7306 77% 1,537
7,784 miles from location Kaplan College-San Diego San Diego CA 26.0632 n/a 1,402
7,810 miles from location Everest College-City of Industry La Puente CA 32.6342 98% 1,310
7,782 miles from location Kaplan College-Vista Vista CA 28.6897 n/a 1,235
7,840 miles from location Clovis Adult Education Clovis CA 23.2948 n/a 1,159
7,939 miles from location Carrington College California-San Jose San Jose CA 31.6955 72% 1,016
7,946 miles from location Carrington College California-San Leandro San Leandro CA 29.9223 73% 893
7,839 miles from location San Joaquin Valley College-Bakersfield Bakersfield CA 21.5469 n/a 877
7,820 miles from location Career Colleges of America South Gate CA 30.4078 n/a 848
7,775 miles from location Kaplan College-Riverside Riverside CA 25.6138 n/a 846
7,880 miles from location Carrington College California-Citrus Heights Citrus Heights CA 32.5381 72% 815
7,804 miles from location University of Antelope Valley Lancaster CA 28.4996 n/a 792
7,830 miles from location Everest College-West Los Angeles Los Angeles CA 27.9148 87% 729
7,809 miles from location Career Networks Institute Orange CA 27.0637 n/a 712
7,946 miles from location Institute for Business and Technology Santa Clara CA 37.426 100% 691
7,884 miles from location Anthem College-Sacramento Sacramento CA 26.5612 n/a 652
7,937 miles from location Carrington College California-Pleasant Hill Pleasant Hill CA 33.2966 77% 615
7,945 miles from location Everest College-Hayward Hayward CA 24.6402 100% 606
7,830 miles from location Casa Loma College-Van Nuys Van Nuys CA 34.7334 88% 604
7,922 miles from location Carrington College California-Antioch Antioch CA 31.8615 80% 586
7,882 miles from location MTI College Sacramento CA 30.644 100% 555
7,821 miles from location Newbridge College-Long Beach Long Beach CA 34.1439 100% 468
7,844 miles from location MCed Career College Fresno CA 31.2439 100% 438
7,805 miles from location Newbridge College Santa Ana CA 30.2942 100% 415
7,951 miles from location Carrington College California-Emeryville Emeryville CA 25.642 77% 353
7,829 miles from location Kaplan College Panorama City CA 27.2562 n/a 243
7,927 miles from location Laurus College San Luis Obispo CA n/a n/a 223
7,820 miles from location Advanced College South Gate CA 27.7997 n/a 207
7,817 miles from location PCI College Cerritos CA 3.05576 n/a 197
7,869 miles from location Pacific Coast Trade School Oxnard CA 17.1493 n/a 184
7,838 miles from location Valley College of Medical Careers Canoga Park CA 33.5575 n/a 173
7,805 miles from location North-West College-West Covina West Covina CA 34.7522 100% 162
7,820 miles from location North-West College-Glendale Glendale CA 37.9687 100% 126
7,728 miles from location Mayfield College Cathedral City CA n/a n/a 121
7,888 miles from location TechSkills of Sacramento Sacramento CA 38.0086 100% 109
7,830 miles from location Ladera Career Paths Training Centers Los Angeles CA 28.8689 n/a 89
7,794 miles from location North-West College-Pomona Pomona CA 34.1666 100% 78
7,810 miles from location Palladium Technical Academy El Monte CA 35.9668 100% 76
7,814 miles from location North-West College-Pasadena Pasadena CA 34.1192 100% 56
7,785 miles from location Career College of San Diego San Diego CA 35.7678 80% 52
7,783 miles from location American College of Healthcare Riverside CA 12.242 100% 43

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Rank Profession Employment Number Avg Salary Job Growth (past 5 yrs)
Billing and Posting Clerks + 57,470 $36,300 1.3%
Medical Records and Health Information Technicians + 17,340 $39,520 23.4%

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