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Schools Offering Automotive Repair Programs in Colorado

Around 0.7% of Colorado's graduates graduate from automotive repair certificate programs every year. That means an estimated 1,089 automotive mechanics graduate from Colorado's 21 automotive schools each year.

Top Schools

Delta Montrose Technical College, which is located in Delta, is the top-ranked school in Colorado that has a automotive program. It received a ranking of 67th in the country in 2010. 6 students graduated with a certificate in automotive from Delta Montrose Technical College in 2010.

Emily Griffith Opportunity School, which was ranked 71st nationwide in 2010, is the second-ranked school in Colorado that has a automotive program. It is located in Denver. In 2010, 15 students graduated from Emily Griffith Opportunity School automotive program.

Pickens Technical College, which is located in Aurora, is the third-ranked school in Colorado that has a automotive program. It received a ranking of 74th in the country in 2010. In 2010, Pickens Technical College graduated 171 students from its automotive programs. Pickens Technical College charged in-state students $2,226 in tuition fees per year.


Tuition at Colorado's automotive schools ranges from $14,227 per year to $1,650 per year. But, the average tuition is $2,866 per year. The Colorado automotive schools with the highest tuition rates in 2010 were:

  1. Westwood College-Denver North - located in Denver, students are charged $14,227 per year
  2. Mesa State College - located in Grand Junction, students are charged $6,248 per year
  3. Colorado State University-Pueblo - located in Pueblo, students are charged $5,615 per year

The automotive schools in Colorado that charged the lowest tuition rates were:

  1. Colorado Mountain College - located in Glenwood Springs, students are charged $1,650 per year
  2. Aims Community College - located in Greeley, students are charged $2,068 per year
  3. Pickens Technical College - located in Aurora, students are charged $2,226 per year

An automotive certificate from a Colorado school... what next?

The highest percentage of automotive graduates in Colorado pursue careers as an automotive mechanic. Colorado had 11,750 automotive mechanics in 2010. In Colorado, the largest numbers of automotive mechanics work in the following counties:

  1. Adams County - 6,080 automotive mechanics
  2. El Paso County - 1,490 automotive mechanics
  3. Boulder County - 800 automotive mechanics

Projected Growth

The government projects that the number of automotive mechanics in Colorado will shrink by 0%. By 2018, there will be an estimated 15,200 automotive mechanics working in Colorado.


An automotive mechanic in Colorado earns $40,010 per year on average. However, Colorado automotive mechanics earned anywhere in the range from as less than $17,320 per year to more than $76,620 per year in 2010. The following counties in Colorado have the highest average salaries for automotive mechanics:

  1. El Paso County - $46,950 per year
  2. Eagle County - $45,930 per year
  3. Archuleta County - $44,930 per year

The Colorado counties with the lowest average salary for automotive mechanics are:

  1. Pueblo County - $30,380 per year
  2. Alamosa County - $31,270 per year
  3. Chaffee County - $36,440 per year

More Information

Take a look at the graphs and charts below for additional Colorado statistics regarding a career in automotive repair and to compare salaries with a variety of related fields such as automotive or plumbing.

Here are the different levels of study available for you to explore.

  • Associate's Degree in Automotive Repair in Colorado
  • Bachelor's Degree in Automotive Repair in Colorado
  • Certificate in Automotive Repair in Colorado

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Distance School City State Rating Acceptance Rate Student Population
7,019 miles from location Front Range Community College Westminster CO 13.185 n/a 18,713
7,019 miles from location Pikes Peak Community College Colorado Springs CO 12.8957 n/a 13,572
7,022 miles from location Arapahoe Community College Littleton CO 10.5442 n/a 9,969
7,027 miles from location Red Rocks Community College Denver CO 12.8922 n/a 9,143
7,214 miles from location Mesa State College Grand Junction CO 19.6451 51% 7,042
7,016 miles from location Pueblo Community College Pueblo CO 11.594 n/a 6,592
7,013 miles from location Colorado State University-Pueblo Pueblo CO 19.9156 31% 6,443
7,143 miles from location Colorado Mountain College Glenwood Springs CO 16.5604 n/a 5,741
6,999 miles from location Aims Community College Greeley CO 16.8194 n/a 5,510
6,915 miles from location Northeastern Junior College Sterling CO 18.6572 n/a 2,497
7,019 miles from location Emily Griffith Opportunity School Denver CO 29.376 n/a 2,230
0 miles from location Morgan Community College Fort Morgan CO 17.5808 n/a 1,918
7,022 miles from location Trinidad State Junior College Trinidad CO 21.1619 n/a 1,812
6,961 miles from location Otero Junior College La Junta CO 19.2583 n/a 1,660
7,212 miles from location Colorado Northwestern Community College Rangely CO 17.2141 n/a 1,375
7,008 miles from location Pickens Technical College Aurora CO 25.924 n/a 1,362
7,019 miles from location Lincoln College of Technology Denver CO 19.5788 93% 1,225
7,017 miles from location Westwood College-Denver North Denver CO 17.2901 n/a 829
7,212 miles from location Intellitec College-Grand Junction Grand Junction CO 24.227 n/a 729
7,018 miles from location Intellitec College-Colorado Springs Colorado Springs CO 20.2874 n/a 503
7,192 miles from location Delta Montrose Technical College Delta CO 32.5559 n/a 493

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Rank Profession Employment Number Avg Salary Job Growth (past 5 yrs)
Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics + 11,750 $40,010 5.9%
Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists + 3,530 $45,610 -26.2%

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