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There are schools offering culinary programs in Florida!

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Schools Offering Culinary Arts Programs in Florida

Each year, approximately 0.4% of Florida graduates receive degrees in culinary arts. Thus, Florida's 47 culinary schools put out approximately 2,126 chefs each year.

Top Schools

The top-ranked school in Florida with a culinary program is Keiser University-Ft. Lauderdale, which is located in Fort Lauderdale. In 2010, it was ranked 60th nationwide. 2 students graduated with a degree in culinary from Keiser University-Ft. Lauderdale in 2010. The tuition rate at Keiser University-Ft. Lauderdale was $14,176 per year.

Traviss Career Center, which is located in Lakeland, is the second-ranked school in Florida that has a culinary program. It received a ranking of 65th in the country in 2010. The tuition rate at Traviss Career Center was $2,845 per year.

Sarasota County Technical Institute, which was ranked 65th nationwide in 2010, is the third-ranked school in Florida that has a culinary program. It is located in Sarasota. 15 students graduated with degree in culinary from Sarasota County Technical Institute in 2010. Sarasota County Technical Institute charged in-state students $0 in tuition fees per year.


If you are hoping to attend one of Florida's culinary schools, you can expect to pay an average tuition of $4,758 per year, though tuition can range from $39,550 per year to $2,179 per year. In 2010, the following Florida culinary schools had the highest tuition rates:

  1. Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts - located in Orlando, students are charged $39,550 per year
  2. Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts - located in Hollywood, students are charged $27,613 per year
  3. Johnson & Wales University-Florida Campus - located in Miami, students are charged $24,429 per year

The following Florida culinary schools had the lowest tuition rates:

  1. Pensacola State College - located in Pensacola, students are charged $2,179 per year
  2. College of Central Florida - located in Ocala, students are charged $2,190 per year
  3. Radford M Locklin Technical Center - located in Milton, students are charged $2,198 per year

A culinary degree from a Florida school... what next?

A large number of Florida culinary graduates become chefs. Florida had 6,150 chefs in 2010. In Florida, the largest numbers of chefs work in the following counties:

  1. Miami-Dade County - 1,240 chefs
  2. Palm Beach County - 930 chefs
  3. Hernando County - 880 chefs

Projected Growth

The government projects that by 2018, the number of chefs in the state of Florida will shrink to 6,680. This would require a -2% decline in the profession.


A chef in Florida makes an average of $47,950 per year. In 2010, however, some Florida chefs earned as little as less than $18,670 per year or as much as more than $94,640 per year. The following counties in Florida have the highest average salaries for chefs:

  1. Collier County - $59,540 per year
  2. Indian River County - $54,290 per year
  3. Miami-Dade County - $53,970 per year

A chef in the following counties in Florida make the lowest salaries on average:

  1. Brevard County - $35,130 per year
  2. Alachua County - $36,770 per year
  3. Marion County - $39,960 per year

More Information

The charts and graphs below have additional Florida statistics regarding a career in culinary arts. Take a look and compare salaries with various related fields such as pastry or culinary.

Here are the different levels of study available for you to explore.

  • Associate's Degree in Culinary Arts in Florida
  • Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts in Florida
  • Certificate in Culinary Arts in Florida

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Distance School City State Rating Acceptance Rate Student Population
5,780 miles from location Marchman Technical Education Center New Port Richey FL n/a n/a n/a
5,694 miles from location Immokalee Technical Center Immokalee FL n/a n/a n/a
5,701 miles from location Valencia Community College Orlando FL 22.7696 n/a 39,008
5,613 miles from location Broward College Fort Lauderdale FL 17.4756 n/a 37,360
5,728 miles from location Florida State College at Jacksonville Jacksonville FL 18.8342 n/a 28,877
5,764 miles from location Hillsborough Community College Tampa FL 20.5441 n/a 26,964
5,685 miles from location Daytona State College Daytona Beach FL 17.1637 n/a 17,352
5,615 miles from location Keiser University-Ft. Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale FL 40.4804 100% 16,882
6,058 miles from location Pensacola State College Pensacola FL 16.7322 n/a 11,598
5,752 miles from location College of Central Florida Ocala FL 17.9398 n/a 8,289
5,969 miles from location Gulf Coast Community College Panama City FL 18.0854 n/a 6,178
5,614 miles from location AI Miami International University of Art and Design Miami FL 24.2494 50% 3,913
5,612 miles from location The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale FL 24.6928 95% 3,217
5,614 miles from location Lincoln College of Technology West Palm Beach FL 17.2026 n/a 2,542
5,942 miles from location Chipola College Marianna FL 23.4792 n/a 2,341
5,703 miles from location Mid Florida Tech Orlando FL 17.6537 n/a 2,042
5,613 miles from location Johnson & Wales University-Florida Campus Miami FL 20.3506 15% 2,033
5,616 miles from location Sheridan Technical Center Hollywood FL 20.2387 n/a 1,778
5,622 miles from location Miami Lakes Educational Center Hialeah FL 11.3357 n/a 1,493
5,619 miles from location McFatter Technical Center Fort Lauderdale FL 21.6473 n/a 1,283
5,770 miles from location Manatee Technical Institute Bradenton FL 13.0566 n/a 1,257
5,626 miles from location Robert Morgan Educational Center Miami FL 3.88399 n/a 1,234
5,617 miles from location Atlantic Technical Center Pompano Beach FL 19.1074 n/a 1,226
5,887 miles from location Lively Technical Center Tallahassee FL 15.5709 n/a 1,209
5,622 miles from location Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Hollywood FL 24.4378 n/a 1,114
5,704 miles from location Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Orlando FL 24.1176 n/a 1,113
5,780 miles from location Pinellas Technical Education Center-Clearwater Clearwater FL 23.2628 n/a 1,064
5,616 miles from location Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center Miami FL 9.39147 n/a 906
5,699 miles from location Technical Education Center-Osceola Kissimmee FL 22.102 n/a 861
6,063 miles from location George Stone Career Center Pensacola FL 11.5491 n/a 860
5,763 miles from location D G Erwin Technical Center Tampa FL 26.2479 n/a 810
5,720 miles from location Lee County High Tech Center Central Fort Myers FL 23.3596 n/a 777
5,961 miles from location Washington-Holmes Technical Center Chipley FL 23.7191 n/a 652
5,722 miles from location Lake Technical Center Eustis FL 25.8482 n/a 587
5,716 miles from location Ridge Career Center Winter Haven FL 10.9847 n/a 560
5,707 miles from location First Coast Technical College Saint Augustine FL 32.0312 n/a 542
5,751 miles from location Marion County Community Technical and Adult Education Center Ocala FL 27.8431 100% 540
5,714 miles from location Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology Naples FL 12.9736 n/a 486
5,730 miles from location Traviss Career Center Lakeland FL 34.8136 n/a 471
5,764 miles from location Sarasota County Technical Institute Sarasota FL 33.611 n/a 471
5,741 miles from location Charlotte Technical Center Port Charlotte FL 23.17 n/a 461
5,724 miles from location Virginia College-Jacksonville Jacksonville FL n/a n/a 459
5,761 miles from location Withlacoochee Technical Institute Inverness FL 21.0939 n/a 324
6,050 miles from location Radford M Locklin Technical Center Milton FL 7.94196 n/a 278
5,729 miles from location Lee County High Tech Center North Cape Coral FL 26.0313 n/a 248
5,806 miles from location Suwannee-Hamilton Technical Center Live Oak FL 29.3341 n/a 139
5,614 miles from location Academy of Healing Arts Massage & Facial Skin Care Lake Worth FL 32.2508 n/a 126

Curious what studying Culinary gets you?

Check out the different options and how they're looking in Florida

Rank Profession Employment Number Avg Salary Job Growth (past 5 yrs)
Cooks, Restaurant + 74,110 $23,730 21.4%
Cooks, Fast Food + 24,430 $18,050 -1.3%
Cooks, Institution and Cafeteria + 13,770 $23,460 -10.9%
Chefs and Head Cooks + 6,150 $47,950 -22.0%
Cooks, Short Order + 3,800 $19,500 -58.1%

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