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Schools Offering Pharmacy Technician Training Programs in Florida

Each year, roughly 0.3% of Florida students graduate with certificates in pharmacy technician training. Thus, Florida's 53 pharmacy technician schools put out approximately 1,643 pharmacy technicians each year.

Top Schools

The top-ranked school in Florida with a pharmacy technician program is Health Opportunity Technical Center, which is located in Miami. In 2010, it was ranked 56th nationwide. no students graduated with a certificate in pharmacy technician from Health Opportunity Technical Center in 2010.

The second-ranked school in Florida with a pharmacy technician program is Keiser Career College-Greenacres, which is located in West Palm Beach. In 2010, it was ranked 64th nationwide. In 2010, 41 students graduated from Keiser Career College-Greenacres pharmacy technician program. The tuition rate at Keiser Career College-Greenacres was $14,176 per year.

The third-ranked school in Florida with a pharmacy technician program is Pinellas Technical Education Center, which is located in Saint Petersburg. In 2010, it was ranked 67th nationwide. In 2010, 21 students graduated from Pinellas Technical Education Center pharmacy technician program. Students at Pinellas Technical Education Center paid $0 per year in tuition fees.


Tuition at Florida's pharmacy technician schools ranges from $19,104 per year to $2,214 per year. But, the average tuition is $6,542 per year. The Florida pharmacy technician schools with the highest tuition rates in 2010 were:

  1. Everest University-Largo - located in Largo, students are charged $19,104 per year
  2. Schiller International University - located in Largo, students are charged $17,640 per year
  3. Fortis College - located in Tampa, students are charged $17,023 per year

The lowest tuition rates at Florida pharmacy technician schools were charged at the following schools:

  1. Tallahassee Community College - located in Tallahassee, students are charged $2,214 per year
  2. Ridge Career Center - located in Winter Haven, students are charged $2,385 per year
  3. Florida State College at Jacksonville - located in Jacksonville, students are charged $2,450 per year

A pharmacy technician certificate from a Florida school... what next?

The highest percentage of pharmacy technician graduates in Florida pursue careers as a pharmacy technician. If you decide to work as a pharmacy technician in Florida, you will be joining the ranks of approximately 20,060 Florida pharmacy technicians as of 2010. The largest populations of Florida pharmacy technicians are working in the following counties:

  1. Hernando County - 3,690 pharmacy technicians
  2. Lake County - 3,010 pharmacy technicians
  3. Broward County - 2,180 pharmacy technicians

Projected Growth

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2018, an estimated 26,710 pharmacy technicians will be working in Florida state. This would require the number of pharmacy technicians to grow by 28%.


A pharmacy technician in Florida makes an average of $27,890 per year. In 2010, however, some Florida pharmacy technicians earned as little as less than $17,330 per year or as much as more than $42,770 per year. The counties in Florida with the highest average salary for a pharmacy technician are:

  1. Lee County - $31,560 per year
  2. Broward County - $29,790 per year
  3. Okaloosa County - $29,440 per year

A pharmacy technician in the following counties in Florida make the lowest salaries on average:

  1. Marion County - $24,970 per year
  2. Volusia County - $25,180 per year
  3. Indian River County - $25,650 per year

More Information

For more data regarding a career in pharmacy technician training in Florida and to compare salaries with various related fields such as health science or physician assisting, take a look at the graphs and charts below.

Here are the different levels of study available for you to explore.

  • Associate's Degree in Pharmacy Technician Training in Florida
  • Certificate in Pharmacy Technician Training in Florida

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Distance School City State Rating Acceptance Rate Student Population
5,614 miles from location Miami Dade College Miami FL 21.2072 n/a 59,120
5,728 miles from location Florida State College at Jacksonville Jacksonville FL 18.8342 n/a 28,877
5,633 miles from location Indian River State College Fort Pierce FL 19.855 n/a 17,110
5,888 miles from location Tallahassee Community College Tallahassee FL 17.449 n/a 14,526
5,758 miles from location Everest University-Brandon Tampa FL 21.5735 100% 9,886
5,707 miles from location Everest University-South Orlando Orlando FL 18.4005 58% 7,799
5,752 miles from location Rasmussen College-Florida Ocala FL 15.2745 n/a 3,982
5,782 miles from location Florida Gateway College Lake City FL 19.1971 n/a 3,187
5,617 miles from location Keiser Career College-Greenacres West Palm Beach FL 36.4294 100% 1,754
5,611 miles from location Everest University-Pompano Beach Pompano Beach FL 17.9964 100% 1,633
5,702 miles from location Everest University-North Orlando Orlando FL 20.0831 100% 1,609
5,622 miles from location Miami Lakes Educational Center Hialeah FL 11.3357 n/a 1,493
5,760 miles from location Sanford-Brown Institute Tampa FL 21.6626 n/a 1,379
5,621 miles from location Everest Institute-Hialeah Hialeah FL 25.676 93% 1,349
5,619 miles from location McFatter Technical Center Fort Lauderdale FL 21.6473 n/a 1,283
5,718 miles from location Everest University-Jacksonville Jacksonville FL 18.6584 100% 1,279
5,616 miles from location Everest Institute-North Miami Miami FL 24.846 78% 1,248
5,777 miles from location Pinellas Technical Education Center Saint Petersburg FL 33.0622 n/a 1,231
5,617 miles from location Atlantic Technical Center Pompano Beach FL 19.1074 n/a 1,226
5,785 miles from location Everest University-Largo Largo FL 20.4851 100% 1,096
5,713 miles from location Westside Tech Winter Garden FL 10.7098 n/a 1,065
5,720 miles from location Heritage Institute-Ft Myers Fort Myers FL 24.7845 n/a 1,055
5,615 miles from location Sanford-Brown Institute Fort Lauderdale FL 17.7377 n/a 1,024
5,734 miles from location Everest University-Lakeland Lakeland FL 20.1161 100% 972
5,623 miles from location Fortis College Miami FL 27.0782 n/a 901
5,654 miles from location Everest University Melbourne FL 19.3336 76% 896
5,720 miles from location Sanford-Brown Institute Jacksonville FL 21.8357 n/a 875
5,699 miles from location Technical Education Center-Osceola Kissimmee FL 22.102 n/a 861
5,784 miles from location Ultimate Medical Academy Clearwater FL 19.0218 n/a 812
5,628 miles from location Everest Institute-Kendall Miami FL 26.9903 94% 809
5,618 miles from location Medvance Institute-Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale FL 27.4572 n/a 770
5,701 miles from location Winter Park Tech Winter Park FL 16.7422 n/a 649
5,699 miles from location Anthem College-Orlando Orlando FL 16.6267 n/a 609
5,768 miles from location Concorde Career Institute Tampa FL 30.7424 100% 587
5,612 miles from location Everest Institute-Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale FL 20.6146 100% 575
6,059 miles from location Virginia College-Pensacola Pensacola FL 21.6856 n/a 575
5,716 miles from location Ridge Career Center Winter Haven FL 10.9847 n/a 560
5,729 miles from location Fortis College Orange Park FL 26.9697 n/a 514
5,723 miles from location Heritage Institute-Jacksonville Jacksonville FL 20.5111 n/a 500
5,701 miles from location Fortis College Winter Park FL 27.5464 n/a 475
5,724 miles from location Virginia College-Jacksonville Jacksonville FL n/a n/a 459
5,622 miles from location Concorde Career Institute Hollywood FL 31.4497 100% 446
5,765 miles from location Brewster Technical Center Tampa FL 10.3055 n/a 413
5,621 miles from location Florida Education Institute Miami FL 25.1092 n/a 356
6,057 miles from location Fortis Institute Pensacola FL n/a n/a 345
5,700 miles from location Lincoln Technical Institute Casselberry FL 28.6542 n/a 335
5,785 miles from location Schiller International University Largo FL 26.3413 100% 328
5,628 miles from location Professional Training Centers Miami FL 32.2732 n/a 238
5,613 miles from location MCI Institute of Technology West Palm Beach FL 16.965 n/a 237
5,735 miles from location Fortis Institute Mulberry FL 30.1459 100% 231
5,616 miles from location Health Opportunity Technical Center Miami FL 43.7826 100% 182
5,759 miles from location Fortis College Tampa FL 32.4376 n/a 181
5,615 miles from location Coral Ridge Nurses Assistant Training School Inc Fort Lauderdale FL 31.5767 n/a 29

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Rank Profession Employment Number Avg Salary Job Growth (past 5 yrs)
Pharmacy Technicians + 20,060 $27,890 8.2%
Pharmacy Aides + 5,270 $20,650 147.4%

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