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Schools Offering Entrepreneurship Programs in Georgia

Around 0.1% of Georgia's graduates graduate from entrepreneurship degree programs every year. Thus, Georgia's 23 small business schools put out approximately 331 small business professionals each year.

Top Schools

North Georgia Technical College, which is located in Clarkesville, is the top-ranked school in Georgia that has a small business program. It received a ranking of 75th in the country in 2010. 7 students graduated with a degree in small business from North Georgia Technical College in 2010. Tuition at North Georgia Technical College was $2,310 per year.

Reinhardt University, which is located in Waleska, is the second-ranked school in Georgia that has a small business program. It received a ranking of 76th in the country in 2010. The tuition rate at Reinhardt University was $17,166 per year.

The third-ranked school in Georgia that has a small business program is Altamaha Technical College. Altamaha Technical College, which was ranked 77th in the country in 2010, is located in Jesup. In 2010, Altamaha Technical College graduated 3 students from its small business programs. Tuition at Altamaha Technical College was $2,268 per year.


If you choose to attend a Georgia small business school, average tuition will be $4,237 per year. However, tuition at your particular institution may range from $1,863 per year to $17,166 per year. The Georgia small business schools with the highest tuition rates in 2010 were:

  1. Reinhardt University - located in Waleska, students are charged $17,166 per year
  2. University of Phoenix-Atlanta Campus - located in Atlanta, students are charged $11,880 per year
  3. University of Phoenix-Savannah Campus - located in Savannah, students are charged $11,040 per year

The following Georgia small business schools had the lowest tuition rates:

  1. Athens Technical College - located in Athens, students are charged $1,863 per year
  2. Central Georgia Technical College - located in Macon, students are charged $1,863 per year
  3. Gwinnett Technical College - located in Lawrenceville, students are charged $2,064 per year

A small business degree from a Georgia school... what next?

The largest populations of Georgia small business professional are working in the following counties:

  1. Barrow County - 49,130 small business professionals
  2. Burke County - 2,810 small business professionals
  3. Bryan County - 2,640 small business professionals

Projected Growth

The government projects that the number of small business professionals in Georgia will grow by 4%. By 2018, there will be an estimated 86,540 small business professionals working in Georgia.


On average, small business professionals earn $102,240 per year. However, this number is only an average. Small business professional in Georgia had varying salaries from $39,750 to $164,530 per year in 2010. The following counties in Georgia have the highest average salaries for small business professionals:

  1. Barrow County - $109,030 per year
  2. Hall County - $106,610 per year
  3. Clarke County - $95,340 per year

Small business professionals in the following counties in Georgia make the lowest salaries on average:

  1. Appling County - $76,160 per year
  2. Liberty County - $77,170 per year
  3. Brooks County - $77,560 per year

The small business professionals with highest average salaries in Georgia were:

  1. Chief Operating Officer - $102,240 per year

On average, the lowest paid small business professionals in Georgia were:

  1. Chief Operating Officer - $102,240 per year

More Information

Take a look at the graphs and charts below for additional Georgia statistics regarding a career in entrepreneurship and to compare salaries with a variety of related fields such as business administration or marketing.

Here are the different levels of study available for you to explore.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship in Georgia
  • Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship in Georgia
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship in Georgia

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Distance School City State Rating Acceptance Rate Student Population
5,911 miles from location Chattahoochee Technical College Marietta GA 11.9416 n/a 11,391
5,858 miles from location Central Georgia Technical College Macon GA 13.7605 n/a 6,950
5,885 miles from location Gwinnett Technical College Lawrenceville GA 13.6957 n/a 6,649
5,949 miles from location Georgia Northwestern Technical College Rome GA 15.91 n/a 5,994
5,941 miles from location Dalton State College Dalton GA 15.0432 n/a 5,722
5,895 miles from location Southern Crescent Technical College Griffin GA 18.387 n/a 5,185
5,911 miles from location Southern Polytechnic State University Marietta GA 22.5982 63% 5,183
5,843 miles from location Athens Technical College Athens GA 14.3033 n/a 5,167
5,903 miles from location Atlanta Technical College Atlanta GA 12.0104 n/a 4,740
5,874 miles from location Lanier Technical College Oakwood GA 15.9689 n/a 4,115
5,882 miles from location Albany Technical College Albany GA 19.8403 n/a 3,962
5,901 miles from location Bainbridge College Bainbridge GA 14.7401 65% 3,558
5,856 miles from location Middle Georgia Technical College Warner Robins GA 18.4993 n/a 3,543
5,857 miles from location North Georgia Technical College Clarkesville GA 25.3614 n/a 2,865
5,887 miles from location South Georgia Technical College Americus GA 22.0327 n/a 2,562
5,748 miles from location Ogeechee Technical College Statesboro GA 16.8119 n/a 2,419
5,856 miles from location Moultrie Technical College White House GA 18.4235 n/a 2,407
5,780 miles from location Southeastern Technical College Vidalia GA 16.8823 n/a 1,972
5,900 miles from location University of Phoenix-Atlanta Campus Atlanta GA 8.56179 n/a 1,568
5,749 miles from location Altamaha Technical College Jesup GA 22.7917 n/a 1,551
5,914 miles from location Reinhardt University Waleska GA 23.6514 30% 1,123
5,932 miles from location University of Phoenix-Columbus Georgia Campus Columbus GA 7.87898 n/a 1,049
5,707 miles from location University of Phoenix-Savannah Campus Savannah GA 3.55339 n/a 668

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Rank Profession Employment Number Avg Salary Job Growth (past 5 yrs)
General and Operations Managers + 73,380 $102,240 -1.6%

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