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Schools Offering Music Programs in Iowa

Each year, roughly 0.3% of Iowa students graduate with degrees in music. Thus, Iowa's 25 music schools put out approximately 287 musicians each year.

Top Schools

Luther College, which was ranked 29th nationwide in 2010, is the top-ranked school in Iowa that has a music program. It is located in Decorah. In 2010, 70 students graduated from Luther College's music program. The tuition rate at Luther College was $33,480 per year.

The second-ranked school in Iowa that has a music program is Cornell College. Cornell College, which was ranked 31st in the country in 2010, is located in Mount Vernon. In 2010, 3 students graduated from Cornell College music program. Tuition at Cornell College was $31,050 per year.

The third-ranked school in Iowa with a music program is Coe College, which is located in Cedar Rapids. In 2010, it was ranked 33rd nationwide. In 2010, Coe College graduated 7 students from its music programs. Tuition at Coe College was $30,860 per year.


If you choose to attend a Iowa music school, average tuition will be $21,984 per year. However, tuition at your particular institution may range from $4,020 per year to $37,482 per year. The highest tuition rates in 2010 at Iowa music schools were charged at the following schools:

  1. Grinnell College - located in Grinnell, students are charged $37,482 per year
  2. Luther College - located in Decorah, students are charged $33,480 per year
  3. Cornell College - located in Mount Vernon, students are charged $31,050 per year

The lowest tuition rates at Iowa music schools were charged at the following schools:

  1. Southwestern Community College - located in Creston, students are charged $4,020 per year
  2. Iowa State University - located in Ames, students are charged $6,997 per year
  3. University of Northern Iowa - located in Cedar Falls, students are charged $7,008 per year

A music degree from an Iowa school... what next?

The Iowa counties with the largest populations of musician are:

  1. Dallas County - 150 musicians
  2. Scott County - 100 musicians
  3. Appanoose County - 70 musicians

Projected Growth

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2018, an estimated 900 musicians will be working in Iowa state. This would require the number of musicians to grow by 4%.


On average, musicians earn $21,175 per year. However, this number is only an average. Musician in Iowa had varying salaries from $16,730 to $73,970 per year in 2010. The following counties in Iowa have the highest average salaries for musicians:

  1. Buena Vista County - $45,900 per year
  2. Scott County - $45,080 per year
  3. Appanoose County - $43,280 per year

The following counties in Iowa have the lowest average salaries for musician:

  1. Benton County - $34,070 per year
  2. Woodbury County - $37,480 per year
  3. Appanoose County - $43,280 per year

The musicians with highest average salaries in Iowa were:

  1. Music Composer - $42,350 per year
  2. Horn Player - per year

On average, the lowest paid musicians in Iowa were:

  1. Music Composer - $42,350 per year
  2. Horn Player - per year

More Information

The charts and graphs below have additional Iowa statistics regarding a career in music. Take a look and compare salaries with various related fields such as music or audio engineering.

Here are the different levels of study available for you to explore.

  • Associate's Degree in Music in Iowa
  • Bachelor's Degree in Music in Iowa
  • Master's Degree in Music in Iowa
  • Doctoral Degree in Music in Iowa

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Distance School City State Rating Acceptance Rate Student Population
6,304 miles from location University of Iowa Iowa City IA 41.0192 32% 28,987
6,411 miles from location Iowa State University Ames IA 40.2518 42% 27,945
6,351 miles from location University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls IA 37.0153 56% 13,303
6,414 miles from location Drake University Des Moines IA 34.393 24% 5,653
6,255 miles from location Saint Ambrose University Davenport IA 30.2407 29% 3,729
6,490 miles from location Buena Vista University Storm Lake IA 57.471 27% 2,647
6,315 miles from location Luther College Decorah IA 70.6224 27% 2,519
6,431 miles from location Graceland University-Lamoni Lamoni IA 24.8571 42% 2,357
6,549 miles from location Morningside College Sioux City IA 23.6279 27% 2,036
6,410 miles from location Simpson College Indianola IA 29.8389 34% 2,025
6,350 miles from location Wartburg College Waverly IA 64.6623 29% 1,800
6,365 miles from location Grinnell College Grinnell IA 37.1861 34% 1,688
6,453 miles from location Southwestern Community College Creston IA 23.1225 n/a 1,680
6,376 miles from location Central College Pella IA 28.4557 24% 1,636
6,260 miles from location Loras College Dubuque IA 30.0342 18% 1,567
6,536 miles from location Dordt College Sioux Center IA 64.1148 43% 1,322
6,310 miles from location Coe College Cedar Rapids IA 66.8447 24% 1,300
6,531 miles from location Northwestern College Orange City IA 27.8622 33% 1,206
6,260 miles from location Clarke University Dubuque IA 28.6249 23% 1,202
6,552 miles from location Briar Cliff University Sioux City IA 20.5017 n/a 1,158
6,298 miles from location Cornell College Mount Vernon IA 68.6425 26% 1,133
6,306 miles from location Iowa Wesleyan College Mount Pleasant IA 15.3563 18% 858
6,408 miles from location Waldorf College Forest City IA 22.1307 35% 558
6,412 miles from location Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary Ankeny IA 61.3468 90% 417
6,261 miles from location Emmaus Bible College Dubuque IA 26.8229 n/a 250

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Rank Profession Employment Number Avg Salary Job Growth (past 5 yrs)
Musicians and Singers + 280 n/a -28.2%
Music Directors and Composers + 270 $42,350

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