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There are schools offering LVN programs in Missouri!

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Schools Offering Nursing Programs in Missouri

Each year, approximately 0.7% of Missouri graduates receive certificates in nursing. Thus, Missouri's 35 LVN schools put out approximately 1,221 licensed vocational nurses each year.

Top Schools

The top-ranked school in Missouri with a LVN program is Hannibal Career and Technical Center, which is located in Hannibal. In 2010, it was ranked 47th nationwide. In 2010, Hannibal Career and Technical Center graduated 20 students from its LVN program.

Nichols Career Center, which is located in Jefferson City, is the second-ranked school in Missouri that has a LVN program. It received a ranking of 53rd in the country in 2010. In 2010, Nichols Career Center graduated 24 students from its LVN program.

The third-ranked school in Missouri that has a LVN program is Four Rivers Career Center. Four Rivers Career Center, which was ranked 56th in the country in 2010, is located in Washington. In 2010, Four Rivers Career Center graduated 31 students from its LVN programs. Students at Four Rivers Career Center paid $12,193 per year in tuition fees.


Tuition at Missouri's LVN schools ranges from $26,200 per year to $1,920 per year. But, the average tuition is $2,143 per year. In 2010, the LVN schools that charged the highest tuition rates in Missouri were:

  1. St. Louis College of Health Careers - located in Fenton, students are charged $26,200 per year
  2. Four Rivers Career Center - located in Washington, students are charged $12,193 per year
  3. Sanford-Brown College - located in Saint Peters, students are charged $10,578 per year

The LVN schools that charged the lowest tuition rates in Missouri were:

  1. St Charles Community College - located in Saint Peters, students are charged $1,920 per year
  2. Jefferson College - located in Hillsboro, students are charged $2,040 per year
  3. Moberly Area Community College - located in Moberly, students are charged $2,280 per year

A LVN certificate from a Missouri school... what next?

The highest percentage of LVN graduates in Missouri pursue careers as a licensed vocational nurse. If you decide to work as a licensed vocational nurse in Missouri, you will be joining the ranks of approximately 18,170 Missouri licensed vocational nurses as of 2010. The Missouri counties with the largest populations of licensed vocational nurses are:

  1. Bond County - 7,160 licensed vocational nurses
  2. Franklin County - 4,700 licensed vocational nurses
  3. Audrain County - 1,760 licensed vocational nurses

Projected Growth

The government projects that by 2018, the number of licensed vocational nurses in the state of Missouri will grow to 20,400. This would require a 11% growth in the profession.


A licensed vocational nurse in Missouri makes an average of $35,870 per year. However, this number is only an average. licensed vocational nurses in Missouri had varying salaries from $24,120 to $44,310 per year in 2010. A licensed vocational nurse in the following Missouri counties makes the highest salaries on average:

  1. Bond County - $39,010 per year
  2. Franklin County - $38,700 per year
  3. Boone County - $35,090 per year

The Missouri counties with the lowest average salary for licensed vocational nurses are:

  1. Jasper County - $30,570 per year
  2. Butler County - $31,850 per year
  3. Adair County - $31,850 per year

More Information

Take a look at the graphs and charts below for additional Missouri statistics regarding a career in nursing and to compare salaries with a variety of related fields such as nurse assisting or RN.

Here are the different levels of study available for you to explore.

  • Certificate in Nursing in Missouri

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Distance School City State Rating Acceptance Rate Student Population
6,407 miles from location Ozarks Technical Community College Springfield MO 11.4627 n/a 12,884
6,259 miles from location St Charles Community College Saint Peters MO 10.8568 n/a 7,814
6,255 miles from location Jefferson College Hillsboro MO 18.6583 n/a 5,788
6,356 miles from location Moberly Area Community College Moberly MO 17.7037 n/a 4,952
6,472 miles from location Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley Kansas City MO 9.3452 n/a 4,656
6,401 miles from location State Fair Community College Sedalia MO 16.3254 n/a 4,263
6,251 miles from location Mineral Area College Park Hills MO 18.8434 n/a 3,671
6,416 miles from location North Central Missouri College Trenton MO 22.466 n/a 1,802
6,260 miles from location Sanford-Brown College Saint Peters MO 24.7073 n/a 779
6,471 miles from location Franklin Technology-MSSU Joplin MO 31.8145 n/a 226
6,250 miles from location St. Louis College of Health Careers Fenton MO 33.2897 n/a 200
6,333 miles from location Texas County Technical Institute Houston MO 36.906 100% 186
6,320 miles from location Rolla Technical Institute Rolla MO 32.7748 n/a 177
6,480 miles from location Hillyard Technical Center Saint Joseph MO 33.8139 n/a 164
6,241 miles from location Applied Technology Services Saint Louis MO 38.2649 100% 138
6,201 miles from location Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center Cape Girardeau MO 29.2624 n/a 138
6,327 miles from location South Central Career Center West Plains MO 31.7599 n/a 121
6,343 miles from location Nichols Career Center Jefferson City MO 47.0264 100% 78
6,249 miles from location Poplar Bluff School District Practical Nurse Program Poplar Bluff MO 41.7766 100% 70
6,361 miles from location Kirksville Area Technical Center Kirksville MO 43.307 100% 67
6,279 miles from location Pike-Lincoln Technical Center Eolia MO 38.9774 100% 56
6,201 miles from location Sikeston Career and Technology Center Sikeston MO 35.9231 100% 51
6,371 miles from location Lebanon Technology and Career Center Lebanon MO 34.48 n/a 50
6,351 miles from location Waynesville Career Center Waynesville MO 38.5667 n/a 49
6,351 miles from location Columbia Area Vocational Technical School Columbia MO 36.3446 100% 43
6,432 miles from location Lex La-Ray Technical Center Lexington MO 30.0167 n/a 43
6,463 miles from location Nevada Regional Technical Center Nevada MO 37.5206 n/a 38
6,299 miles from location Hannibal Career and Technical Center Hannibal MO 53.1509 83% 37
6,280 miles from location Four Rivers Career Center Washington MO 43.6443 100% 37
6,481 miles from location Northland Career Center Platte City MO 33.6107 n/a 37
6,397 miles from location Saline County Career Center Marshall MO 35.037 100% 35
6,212 miles from location Pemiscot County Special School District Hayti MO 30.9665 n/a 26
6,374 miles from location Boonslick Technical Education Center Boonville MO 36.3251 100% 25
6,365 miles from location Eldon Career Center Eldon MO 32.4036 66% 22
6,229 miles from location Kennett Career and Technology Center Kennett MO 34.0661 n/a 21

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Rank Profession Employment Number Avg Salary Job Growth (past 5 yrs)
Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses + 18,170 $35,870 3.4%

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