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Schools Offering Culinary Arts Programs in New Jersey

Each year, roughly 0.1% of New Jersey students graduate with degrees in culinary arts. Thus, New Jersey's 10 culinary schools put out approximately 183 chefs each year.

Top Schools

Ocean County Vocational-Technical School, which was ranked 64th nationwide in 2010, is the top-ranked school in New Jersey that has a culinary program. It is located in Toms River. In 2010, Ocean County Vocational-Technical School graduated 25 students from its culinary program.

New Community Workforce Development Center, which is located in Newark, is the second-ranked school in New Jersey that has a culinary program. It received a ranking of 73rd in the country in 2010. 13 students graduated with degree in culinary from New Community Workforce Development Center in 2010.

The third-ranked school in New Jersey that has a culinary program is Brookdale Community College. Brookdale Community College, which was ranked 86th in the country in 2010, is located in Lincroft. In 2010, 44 students graduated from Brookdale Community College culinary program. Students at Brookdale Community College paid $3,527 per year in tuition fees.


If you are hoping to attend one of New Jersey's culinary schools, you can expect to pay an average tuition of $2,907 per year, though tuition can range from $4,240 per year to $3,048 per year. The New Jersey culinary schools with the highest tuition rates in 2010 were:

  1. Hudson County Community College - located in Jersey City, students are charged $4,240 per year
  2. Raritan Valley Community College - located in Somerville, students are charged $3,840 per year
  3. Bergen Community College - located in Paramus, students are charged $3,733 per year

The culinary schools in New Jersey that charged the lowest tuition rates were:

  1. Mercer County Community College - located in Princeton Junction, students are charged $3,048 per year
  2. Atlantic Cape Community College - located in Mays Landing, students are charged $3,471 per year
  3. Brookdale Community College - located in Lincroft, students are charged $3,527 per year

A culinary degree from a New Jersey school... what next?

Most people who graduate from culinary school in New Jersey go on to work as a chef. 1,990 chefs were working in New Jersey in 2010. The following counties have the largest number of New Jersey chefs:

  1. Essex County - 460 chefs
  2. Middlesex County - 400 chefs
  3. Atlantic County - 270 chefs


On average, a chef earns a salary of $61,960 per year in New Jersey state. In 2010, however, some New Jersey chefs earned as little as less than $22,630 per year or as much as more than $163,290 per year. The following counties in New Jersey have the highest average salaries for chefs:

  1. Atlantic County - $61,950 per year
  2. Mercer County - $58,850 per year
  3. Middlesex County - $57,100 per year

A chef in the following counties in New Jersey make the lowest salaries on average:

  1. Burlington County - $48,740 per year
  2. Essex County - $55,980 per year
  3. Middlesex County - $57,100 per year

More Information

Take a look at the graphs and charts below for additional New Jersey statistics regarding a career in culinary arts and to compare salaries with a variety of related fields such as pastry or culinary.

Here are the different levels of study available for you to explore.

  • Associate's Degree in Culinary Arts in New Jersey
  • Certificate in Culinary Arts in New Jersey

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Distance School City State Rating Acceptance Rate Student Population
5,399 miles from location Bergen Community College Paramus NJ 11.8148 n/a 16,469
5,393 miles from location Brookdale Community College Lincroft NJ 14.4833 n/a 15,639
5,407 miles from location Middlesex County College Edison NJ 11.7646 n/a 13,356
5,415 miles from location Burlington County College Pemberton NJ 11.7128 n/a 9,693
5,419 miles from location Mercer County Community College Princeton Junction NJ 10.9855 n/a 9,621
5,394 miles from location Hudson County Community College Jersey City NJ 8.43331 n/a 8,682
5,425 miles from location Raritan Valley Community College Somerville NJ 12.4215 n/a 7,888
5,411 miles from location Atlantic Cape Community College Mays Landing NJ 11.4678 n/a 7,588
0 miles from location Ocean County Vocational-Technical School Toms River NJ 36.1029 n/a 434
5,401 miles from location New Community Workforce Development Center Newark NJ 27.4776 n/a 251

Curious what studying Culinary gets you?

Check out the different options and how they're looking in New Jersey

Rank Profession Employment Number Avg Salary Job Growth (past 5 yrs)
Cooks, Restaurant + 17,460 $26,160 1.3%
Cooks, Fast Food + 7,950 $19,380 -24.1%
Cooks, Institution and Cafeteria + 6,520 $27,820 7.6%
Cooks, Short Order + 4,850 $21,790 3.9%
Chefs and Head Cooks + 1,990 $61,960 -31.8%

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