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So you're from Brooklyn, NY?

Fortunately for you, Brooklyn, NY offers a number of great schools to choose from. It's just a matter of finding the right program and study subject for you!


Brooklyn College and University Demographics

There are a total of 522 degree and certificate programs offered at Brooklyn's 50 colleges and universities. You can choose to study in fields ranging from elementary education and teaching to health professions and related clinical sciences, other to computer technology/computer systems technology.

The top-ranked school in Brooklyn is Saint Joseph's College-New York, with a student population of 1,358. In 2010, Saint Joseph's College-New York was ranked 35th in the nation. Amongst students at Saint Joseph's College-New York, the most popular area of study is Education.


Brooklyn schools charge an average tuition of $7,865 per year. In Brooklyn, tuition rates can vary from $36,790 per year to $3,500 per year. The school charging the highest tuition rates is Pratt Institute-Main, while the school with the lowest tuition rates is CUNY Kingsborough Community College.

Financial Aid

In 2008, students at Brooklyn colleges received an estimated $252,135,343 in financial aid. Of this aid, $247,987,983 was in the form of institutional grants and scholarships. CUNY Brooklyn College gave its students $42,055,327 in institutional financial aid. This was the highest amount of financial aid given by any Brooklyn school.

Brooklyn Student Demographics

In 2010, 93,914 students were enrolled in Brooklyn schools, which was 7% of the total college students in New York. With 18,204 students, CUNY Kingsborough Community College had the highest total student enrollment in Brooklyn. On the other hand, with only 17 students, Darkei Noam Rabbinical College had the lowest enrollment in the city.

Graduation and Retention Rates

Approximately 76% of students who enroll as first year students at Brooklyn schools return to complete their second year. The graduation rate for Brooklyn schools is approximately 43%. The Brooklyn college with the highest graduation rate is New York Methodist Hospital Center for Allied Health Education, which has a graduation rate of 100%. The Brooklyn college with the lowest graduation rate is Torah Temimah Talmudical Seminary, which has a graduation rate of 2%.


Approximately 57% of students enrolled in Brooklyn schools are female. The ratio of Brooklyn students who are 24 years old or younger to those who are over 24 years old is 94 to 100. In 2009, 68 in 100 college students in Brooklyn identified themselves as being from a racial or ethnic minority. CUNY Medgar Evers College had the highest percentage of diverse students in Brooklyn, with 99% of students identifying themselves as being from a minority background.

Brooklyn Faculty Demographics

As of 2010, there were a total of 30,353 faculty employed by Brooklyn colleges and universities. Of these faculty members, 46% were female and 24% were from racial or ethnic minority backgrounds.

The average faculty to student ratio for Brooklyn schools was 1 to 4 in 2009. Yeshiva Derech Chaim had the highest faculty to student ratio, of schools in Brooklyn, with 1 to 1.

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Distance School City State Rating Acceptance Rate Student Population
8 miles from location CUNY Kingsborough Community College Brooklyn NY 14.2158 n/a 18,204
4 miles from location CUNY Brooklyn College Brooklyn NY 27.4727 24% 17,094
0 miles from location CUNY New York City College of Technology Brooklyn NY 17.0565 30% 15,399
0 miles from location Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus Brooklyn NY 16.2563 35% 8,298
2 miles from location CUNY Medgar Evers College Brooklyn NY 10.9633 n/a 7,080
1 miles from location Pratt Institute-Main Brooklyn NY 28.4577 31% 4,707
0 miles from location ASA Institute of Business and Computer Technology Brooklyn NY 14.451 n/a 4,582
0 miles from location Polytechnic Institute of New York University Brooklyn NY 26.8696 29% 4,514
0 miles from location St. Francis College Brooklyn NY 26.606 40% 2,511
3 miles from location SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn Brooklyn NY 0.438116 n/a 1,683
2 miles from location United Talmudical Seminary Brooklyn NY 12.9917 n/a 1,674
1 miles from location Saint Joseph's College-New York Brooklyn NY 64.4815 28% 1,358
4 miles from location Central Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitz Brooklyn NY 14.9123 100% 674
0 miles from location Allen School-Brooklyn Brooklyn NY 30.5813 78% 592
0 miles from location Career Institute of Health and Technology Brooklyn NY 24.3357 n/a 511
4 miles from location Seminar L'moros Bais Yaakov Brooklyn NY 37.4386 100% 419
4 miles from location Manhattan School of Computer Technology Brooklyn NY 37.3287 100% 328
6 miles from location Mirrer Yeshiva Cent Institute Brooklyn NY 35.8278 100% 306
2 miles from location Talmudical Seminary Oholei Torah Brooklyn NY 15.4034 100% 298
4 miles from location Rabbinical College Bobover Yeshiva Bnei Zion Brooklyn NY 16.2403 n/a 273
5 miles from location Rabbinical Academy Mesivta Rabbi Chaim Berlin Brooklyn NY 26.9081 100% 266
4 miles from location Mesivta Torah Vodaath Rabbinical Seminary Brooklyn NY 24.2109 100% 260
3 miles from location Yeshiva of Machzikai Hadas Brooklyn NY n/a n/a 251
0 miles from location Long Island College Hospital of Brooklyn School of Nursing Brooklyn NY 16.4424 100% 199
6 miles from location Merkaz Bnos-Business School Brooklyn NY 19.5063 100% 175
4 miles from location Torah Temimah Talmudical Seminary Brooklyn NY 12.1817 100% 175
4 miles from location Yeshiva Derech Chaim Brooklyn NY 18.7828 100% 174
1 miles from location Rabbinical College of Ohr Shimon Yisroel Brooklyn NY 31.5343 100% 169
0 miles from location Institute of Design and Construction Brooklyn NY 7.65027 n/a 164
4 miles from location Talmudical Seminary of Bobov Brooklyn NY 14.2092 100% 152
4 miles from location Yeshivas Novominsk Brooklyn NY 13.8566 100% 128
4 miles from location Yeshiva Gedolah Imrei Yosef D'spinka Brooklyn NY 21.7766 n/a 124
5 miles from location Yeshivat Mikdash Melech Brooklyn NY 15.7985 100% 121
4 miles from location Machzikei Hadath Rabbinical College Brooklyn NY 33.6377 100% 117
6 miles from location Empire Beauty School-Brooklyn Brooklyn NY 31.7671 n/a 117
6 miles from location New York Methodist Hospital Center for Allied Health Education Brooklyn NY 42.0644 68% 112
2 miles from location Associated Beth Rivkah Schools Brooklyn NY 33.1749 100% 107
4 miles from location Hair Design Institute at Fifth Avenue Brooklyn NY 26.6676 n/a 92
4 miles from location Yeshiva Karlin Stolin Brooklyn NY 26.5497 100% 82
6 miles from location Beth Hatalmud Rabbinical College Brooklyn NY 14.0782 100% 68
6 miles from location Elite Academy of Beauty Arts Brooklyn NY 30.7427 n/a 62
4 miles from location Rabbinical Seminary M'kor Chaim Brooklyn NY 17.8512 100% 59
4 miles from location Rabbinical College of Ch'san Sofer New York Brooklyn NY 32.127 100% 57
4 miles from location Beth Hamedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute Brooklyn NY 12.7786 100% 40
4 miles from location Mesivta of Eastern Parkway-Yeshiva Zichron Meilech Brooklyn NY 20.0467 100% 38
7 miles from location Charles Stuart School of Diamond Setting Brooklyn NY 31.0226 n/a 36
5 miles from location Yeshiva and Kollel Harbotzas Torah Brooklyn NY 2.16765 n/a 29
0 miles from location Long Island College Hospital School of Radiologic Sciences Brooklyn NY 26.4528 n/a 18
5 miles from location Darkei Noam Rabbinical College Brooklyn NY 2.59904 n/a 17
7 miles from location EDP School of Computer Programming Brooklyn NY n/a n/a n/a

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