Criminal Justice in Oklahoma

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Schools Offering Criminal Justice Programs in Oklahoma

Each year, approximately 0.7% of Oklahoma graduates receive degrees in criminal justice. In other words, every year an estimated 698 criminal justice professionals graduate from Oklahoma's 42 criminal justice schools.

Top Schools

The top-ranked school in Oklahoma that has a criminal justice program is Oklahoma City University. Oklahoma City University, which was ranked 36th in the country in 2010, is located in Oklahoma City. 20 students graduated with a degree in criminal justice from Oklahoma City University in 2010. Tuition at Oklahoma City University was $25,760 per year.

Saint Gregorys University, which is located in Shawnee, is the second-ranked school in Oklahoma that has a criminal justice program. It received a ranking of 54th in the country in 2010. Saint Gregorys University charged in-state students $17,516 in tuition fees per year.

University of Oklahoma Norman Campus, which was ranked 54th nationwide in 2010, is the third-ranked school in Oklahoma that has a criminal justice program. It is located in Norman. In 2010, 5 students graduated from University of Oklahoma Norman Campus criminal justice program. Tuition at University of Oklahoma Norman Campus was $7,864 per year.


If you choose to attend a Oklahoma criminal justice school, average tuition will be $7,061 per year. However, tuition at your particular institution may range from $2,400 per year to $28,735 per year. In 2010, the criminal justice schools that charged the highest tuition rates in Oklahoma were:

  1. University of Tulsa - located in Tulsa, students are charged $28,735 per year
  2. Oklahoma City University - located in Oklahoma City, students are charged $25,760 per year
  3. Oklahoma Baptist University - located in Shawnee, students are charged $18,608 per year

The criminal justice schools in Oklahoma that charged the lowest tuition rates were:

  1. Tulsa Community College - located in Tulsa, students are charged $2,400 per year
  2. Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City - located in Oklahoma City, students are charged $2,419 per year
  3. Northern Oklahoma College - located in Tonkawa, students are charged $2,526 per year

A criminal justice degree from an Oklahoma school... what next?

Special agent, private detective, security guard, bailiff, and transit police officer are the professions of choice for a majority of criminal justice graduates in Oklahoma. If you decide to work as a criminal justice professional in Oklahoma, you will be joining the ranks of approximately 20,960 Oklahoma criminal justice professional as of 2010. This number includes 6,590 correctional officers, 1,670 special agents, and private detectives. The following counties have the largest number of Oklahoma criminal justice professionals:

  1. Canadian County - 7,960 criminal justice professionals
  2. Creek County - 4,820 criminal justice professionals
  3. Atoka County - 3,220 criminal justice professionals

Projected Growth

The government projects that, by 2018, the number of criminal justice professionals in the state of Oklahoma will grow to 24,950. This would require a 14% growth in the field.


On average, criminal justice professionals earn $41,113 per year. But, salaries for criminal justice professional can vary. In 2010, criminal justice professional made as little as less than $16,040 per year or as much as more than $104,400 per year in Oklahoma. Criminal justice professionals in the following Oklahoma counties make the highest salaries on average:

  1. Canadian County - $43,130 per year
  2. Creek County - $39,830 per year
  3. Adair County - $36,822 per year

On average, criminal justice professionals earn the least in the following Oklahoma counties:

  1. Atoka County - $30,150 per year
  2. Comanche County - $30,590 per year
  3. Beckham County - $31,973 per year

On average, the highest paid criminal justice professionals in Oklahoma were:

  1. Special Agent - $55,740 per year
  2. Transit Police Officer - $55,260 per year
  3. Private Detective - $44,910 per year

The criminal justice professionals with lowest average salaries in Oklahoma were:

  1. Correctional Officer - $29,520 per year
  2. Security Guard - $27,170 per year

More Information

The charts and graphs below have additional Oklahoma statistics regarding a career in criminal justice. Take a look and compare salaries with various related fields such as criminology or forensic science.

Here are the different levels of study available for you to explore.

  • Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice in Oklahoma
  • Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice in Oklahoma
  • Master's Degree in Criminal Justice in Oklahoma
  • Certificate in Criminal Justice in Oklahoma

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Distance School City State Rating Acceptance Rate Student Population
6,645 miles from location University of Oklahoma Norman Campus Norman OK 37.9028 45% 25,881
6,555 miles from location Tulsa Community College Tulsa OK 12.6303 n/a 19,730
6,645 miles from location University of Central Oklahoma Edmond OK 26.9395 57% 16,092
6,651 miles from location Oklahoma City Community College Oklahoma City OK 10.7361 n/a 14,114
6,503 miles from location Northeastern State University Tahlequah OK 24.2073 60% 9,239
6,642 miles from location Rose State College Oklahoma City OK 9.15849 n/a 8,981
6,652 miles from location Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City Oklahoma City OK 7.35114 n/a 7,367
6,704 miles from location Cameron University Lawton OK 13.8774 n/a 6,126
6,629 miles from location Northern Oklahoma College Tonkawa OK 15.0818 n/a 5,228
6,714 miles from location Southwestern Oklahoma State University Weatherford OK 24.705 71% 5,010
6,603 miles from location East Central University Ada OK 24.2862 76% 4,612
6,539 miles from location Rogers State University Claremore OK 17.9774 87% 4,235
6,590 miles from location Southeastern Oklahoma State University Durant OK 23.5458 75% 4,229
6,595 miles from location University of Tulsa Tulsa OK 30.981 30% 4,187
6,649 miles from location Oklahoma City University Oklahoma City OK 63.5634 44% 3,829
6,755 miles from location Western Oklahoma State College Altus OK 21.9292 100% 3,820
6,631 miles from location Langston University Langston OK 13.0903 n/a 2,749
6,607 miles from location Murray State College Tishomingo OK 12.8665 n/a 2,604
6,603 miles from location Seminole State College Seminole OK 13.2494 n/a 2,444
6,673 miles from location Redlands Community College El Reno OK 13.8517 n/a 2,319
6,703 miles from location Northwestern Oklahoma State University Alva OK 21.3155 40% 2,210
6,494 miles from location Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Miami OK 17.4104 n/a 2,191
6,654 miles from location Southern Nazarene University Bethany OK 22.2153 n/a 2,110
6,527 miles from location Eastern Oklahoma State College Wilburton OK 15.8018 n/a 2,084
6,654 miles from location Francis Tuttle Technology Center Oklahoma City OK 10.646 n/a 1,993
6,616 miles from location Oklahoma Baptist University Shawnee OK 24.8221 15% 1,764
6,652 miles from location Mid-America Christian University Oklahoma City OK 8.31275 n/a 1,269
6,869 miles from location Oklahoma Panhandle State University Goodwell OK 23.5956 100% 1,266
6,524 miles from location Bacone College Muskogee OK 11.2484 60% 1,021
6,594 miles from location Central Technology Center Drumright OK 31.8861 100% 1,014
6,642 miles from location Mid-America Technology Center Wayne OK 18.25 n/a 842
6,647 miles from location University of Phoenix-Oklahoma City Campus Oklahoma City OK 10.926 n/a 831
6,617 miles from location Saint Gregorys University Shawnee OK 46.3748 13% 738
6,552 miles from location University of Phoenix-Tulsa Campus Tulsa OK 9.25849 n/a 674
6,554 miles from location ITT Technical Institute-Tulsa Tulsa OK 8.11879 100% 555
6,649 miles from location ITT Technical Institute-Oklahoma City Oklahoma City OK 11.5286 100% 431
6,558 miles from location Tulsa Technology Center-Peoria Tulsa OK 34.1339 100% 424
6,653 miles from location Vatterott College Oklahoma City OK 22.7313 n/a 410
6,551 miles from location Vatterott College-Tulsa Tulsa OK 22.902 n/a 325
6,705 miles from location Great Plains Technology Center Lawton OK 35.6039 n/a 239
6,552 miles from location Brown Mackie College-Tulsa Tulsa OK n/a n/a 206
6,702 miles from location Caddo Kiowa Technology Center Fort Cobb OK 30.5143 n/a 183

Curious what studying Criminal Justice gets you?

Check out the different options and how they're looking in Oklahoma

Rank Profession Employment Number Avg Salary Job Growth (past 5 yrs)
Private Detectives and Investigators + n/a $44,910
Security Guards + 9,860 $27,170 8.5%
Correctional Officers and Jailers + 6,590 $29,520 42.3%
Paralegals and Legal Assistants + 2,440 $41,200 54.4%
Detectives and Criminal Investigators + 1,670 $55,740 142.0%
Bailiffs + 310 $33,990
Transit and Railroad Police + 90 $55,260

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