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Schools Offering Radiology Programs in Texas

Approximately 0.2% of graduates in of Texas receive radiology degrees every year. Thus, Texas' 50 radiology technician schools put out approximately 1,354 radiology technicians each year.

Top Schools

Texas A & M University, which was ranked 15th nationwide in 2010, is the top-ranked school in Texas that has a radiology technician program. It is located in College Station. 7 students graduated with a degree in radiology technician from Texas A & M University in 2010. Texas A & M University charged in-state students $8,387 in tuition fees per year.

The second-ranked school in Texas with a radiology technician program is Texas State University-San Marcos, which is located in San Marcos. In 2010, it was ranked 31st nationwide. In 2010, Texas State University-San Marcos graduated 13 students from its radiology technician program. Texas State University-San Marcos charged in-state students $6,458 in tuition fees per year.

The third-ranked school in Texas that has a radiology technician program is Midwestern State University. Midwestern State University, which was ranked 46th in the country in 2010, is located in Wichita Falls. In 2010, Midwestern State University graduated 141 students from its radiology technician programs. Students at Midwestern State University paid $5,470 per year in tuition fees.


If you choose to attend a Texas radiology technician school, average tuition will be $2,250 per year. However, tuition at your particular institution may range from $1,104 per year to $12,500 per year. The Texas radiology technician schools with the highest tuition rates in 2010 were:

  1. Southwest Career College - located in El Paso, students are charged $12,500 per year
  2. Texas A & M University - located in College Station, students are charged $8,387 per year
  3. University of North Texas - located in Denton, students are charged $7,306 per year

The lowest tuition rates at Texas radiology technician schools were charged at the following schools:

  1. North Central Texas College - located in Gainesville, students are charged $1,104 per year
  2. Grayson County College - located in Denison, students are charged $1,128 per year
  3. Paris Junior College - located in Paris, students are charged $1,164 per year

A radiology technician degree from a Texas school... what next?

The highest percentage of radiology technician graduates in Texas pursue careers as a radiology technician. If you decide to work as a radiology technician in Texas, you will be joining the ranks of approximately 15,170 Texas radiology technicians as of 2010. The following counties have the largest number of Texas radiology technicians:

  1. Austin County - 3,730 radiology technicians
  2. Collin County - 2,340 radiology technicians
  3. Atascosa County - 1,370 radiology technicians

Projected Growth

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2018, an estimated 18,370 radiology technicians will be working in Texas state. This would require the number of radiology technicians to grow by 26%.


A radiology technician in Texas makes an average of $53,610 per year. A radiology technician in the following Texas counties makes the highest salaries on average:

  1. Collin County - $59,010 per year
  2. Hidalgo County - $57,090 per year
  3. Austin County - $56,690 per year

A radiology technician in the following counties in Texas make the lowest salaries on average:

  1. Webb County - $41,030 per year
  2. Hardin County - $42,740 per year
  3. Miller County - $45,290 per year

More Information

Take a look at the graphs and charts below for additional Texas statistics regarding a career in radiology and to compare salaries with a variety of related fields such as radiology technology or x ray technology.

Here are the different levels of study available for you to explore.

  • Associate's Degree in Radiology in Texas
  • Bachelor's Degree in Radiology in Texas
  • Master's Degree in Radiology in Texas
  • Certificate in Radiology in Texas

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Distance School City State Rating Acceptance Rate Student Population
6,632 miles from location MedVance Institute-Grand Prairie Grand Prairie TX n/a n/a n/a
6,558 miles from location Pima Medical Institute Houston TX n/a n/a n/a
6,548 miles from location Houston Community College Houston TX 16.1985 n/a 54,942
6,603 miles from location Texas A & M University College Station TX 85.085 53% 48,702
6,553 miles from location Lone Star College System Spring TX 14.626 n/a 46,504
6,651 miles from location Tarrant County College District Fort Worth TX 13.2456 n/a 44,355
6,685 miles from location Austin Community College District Austin TX 12.3025 n/a 40,248
6,638 miles from location University of North Texas Denton TX 34.4764 43% 35,003
6,700 miles from location Texas State University-San Marcos San Marcos TX 68.5508 40% 30,803
7,184 miles from location El Paso Community College El Paso TX 12.5365 n/a 28,168
6,532 miles from location San Jacinto Community College Pasadena TX 12.8421 n/a 27,011
6,737 miles from location South Texas College Mcallen TX 12.2411 n/a 26,338
6,608 miles from location Blinn College Brenham TX 12.7436 n/a 17,173
6,691 miles from location The University of Texas at Brownsville Brownsville TX 15.9461 n/a 17,151
6,678 miles from location Del Mar College Corpus Christi TX 11.9255 n/a 12,069
6,622 miles from location Brookhaven College Dallas TX 9.46366 n/a 11,814
6,893 miles from location Amarillo College Amarillo TX 10.9218 n/a 11,289
6,533 miles from location Tyler Junior College Tyler TX 13.9338 n/a 11,045
6,734 miles from location St. Philip's College San Antonio TX 8.72207 n/a 11,008
6,936 miles from location South Plains College Levelland TX 9.63264 n/a 10,011
6,808 miles from location Laredo Community College Laredo TX 16.3512 n/a 9,361
6,637 miles from location North Central Texas College Gainesville TX 6.99605 n/a 9,156
6,647 miles from location McLennan Community College Waco TX 12.8193 n/a 9,128
6,620 miles from location El Centro College Dallas TX 8.41391 n/a 9,072
6,592 miles from location Wharton County Junior College Wharton TX 16.0959 n/a 6,622
6,509 miles from location Kilgore College Kilgore TX 15.7866 n/a 6,375
6,713 miles from location Midwestern State University Wichita Falls TX 54.2603 37% 6,341
6,933 miles from location Midland College Midland TX 17.4861 n/a 6,227
6,812 miles from location Southwest Texas Junior College Uvalde TX 14.1379 n/a 5,767
6,543 miles from location Paris Junior College Paris TX 13.1909 n/a 5,580
6,504 miles from location Angelina College Lufkin TX 14.5469 n/a 5,422
6,678 miles from location Weatherford College Weatherford TX 11.3384 n/a 5,384
6,951 miles from location Odessa College Odessa TX 14.3534 n/a 5,132
6,606 miles from location Grayson County College Denison TX 16.3434 n/a 4,856
6,697 miles from location Coastal Bend College Beeville TX 12.7344 n/a 4,196
6,648 miles from location Victoria College Victoria TX 13.5791 n/a 4,054
6,894 miles from location Howard College Big Spring TX 15.8753 n/a 3,984
6,469 miles from location Lamar Institute of Technology Beaumont TX 11.9688 n/a 3,154
6,508 miles from location Northeast Texas Community College Mount Pleasant TX 16.0092 n/a 2,920
6,622 miles from location University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Dallas TX 4.62227 n/a 2,459
6,515 miles from location Galveston College Galveston TX 12.9264 n/a 2,167
6,649 miles from location Kaplan College-Fort Worth Fort Worth TX 23.3426 n/a 721
7,186 miles from location Southwest Career College El Paso TX 28.6479 n/a 650
6,740 miles from location Baptist Health System School of Health Professions San Antonio TX 14.1132 100% 458
6,535 miles from location The Academy of Health Care Professions Houston TX 37.5341 100% 392
6,912 miles from location Covenant School of Nursing and Allied Health Lubbock TX 1.66808 n/a 376
6,685 miles from location Academy of Health Care Professions Austin TX 26.0736 100% 244
6,549 miles from location The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Houston TX 13.0099 n/a 208
6,741 miles from location The Academy of Health Care Professions San Antonio TX 35.8896 100% 163
6,557 miles from location The Academy of Health Care Professions Houston TX 32.2123 100% 34

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