Nursing in West Virginia

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There are schools offering nursing programs in West Virginia!

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Schools Offering Nursing Programs in West Virginia

Each year, approximately 3.9% of West Virginia graduates receive degrees in nursing. Thus, West Virginia's 39 nursing schools put out approximately 2,043 nurses each year.

Top Schools

The top-ranked school in West Virginia that has a nursing program is Marshall University. Marshall University, which was ranked 38th in the country in 2010, is located in Huntington. 161 students graduated with a degree in nursing from Marshall University in 2010. Students at Marshall University paid $5,285 per year in tuition fees.

The second-ranked school in West Virginia that has a nursing program is West Virginia Wesleyan College. West Virginia Wesleyan College, which was ranked 42nd in the country in 2010, is located in Buckhannon. 14 students graduated with degree in nursing from West Virginia Wesleyan College in 2010. Students at West Virginia Wesleyan College paid $23,980 per year in tuition fees.

Davis & Elkins College, which was ranked 42nd nationwide in 2010, is the third-ranked school in West Virginia that has a nursing program. It is located in Elkins. In 2010, 28 students graduated from Davis & Elkins College nursing program. Students at Davis & Elkins College paid $21,120 per year in tuition fees.


Nursing schools in West Virginia, charge students an average tuition of $5,528 per year. But, tuition can be as much as $24,980 per year, or as little as $2,076 per year. The West Virginia nursing schools with the highest tuition rates in 2010 were:

  1. Wheeling Jesuit University - located in Wheeling, students are charged $24,980 per year
  2. University of Charleston - located in Charleston, students are charged $24,700 per year
  3. West Virginia Wesleyan College - located in Buckhannon, students are charged $23,980 per year

The nursing schools in West Virginia that charged the lowest tuition rates were:

  1. West Virginia University at Parkersburg - located in Parkersburg, students are charged $2,076 per year
  2. Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College - located in Mount Gay, students are charged $2,122 per year
  3. West Virginia Northern Community College - located in Wheeling, students are charged $2,358 per year

A nursing degree from a West Virginia school... what next?

nursing graduates in West Virginia can go into a variety of professions such as licensed practical nurse, family nurse practitioner, critical care clinical nurse specialist, and patient care assistant. 34,120 nurses were working in West Virginia in 2010. Of these, 17,650 were registered nurses. In addition, 6,520 were licensed practical nurses, and 120 were family nurse practitioners. In West Virginia, the largest numbers of nurse work in the following counties:

  1. Boyd County - 7,770 nurses
  2. Barbour County - 6,310 nurses
  3. Boone County - 6,190 nurses

Projected Growth

The government projects that, by 2018, the number of nurses in the state of West Virginia will grow to 41,760. This would require a 12% growth in the field.


On average, nurses earn $53,078 per year. In 2010, however, some West Virginia nurse earned as little as less than $16,120 per year or as much as more than $136,490 per year. Nurses in the following West Virginia counties make the highest salaries on average:

  1. Monongalia County - $57,830 per year
  2. Washington County - $49,763 per year
  3. Boyd County - $49,005 per year

The West Virginia counties with the lowest average salary for nurses are:

  1. Belmont County - $41,110 per year
  2. Barbour County - $42,310 per year
  3. Fayette County - $46,780 per year

On average, the highest paid nurses in West Virginia were:

  1. Family Nurse Practitioner - $80,120 per year
  2. Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist - $76,740 per year
  3. Registered Nurse - $54,300 per year

The nurses with lowest average salaries in West Virginia were:

  1. Licensed Practical Nurse - $32,750 per year
  2. Patient Care Assistant - $21,480 per year

More Information

The charts and graphs below have additional West Virginia statistics regarding a career in nursing. Take a look and compare salaries with various related fields such as nurse assisting or LPN.

Here are the different levels of study available for you to explore.

  • Associate's Degree in Nursing in West Virginia
  • Bachelor's Degree in Nursing in West Virginia
  • Master's Degree in Nursing in West Virginia
  • Doctoral Degree in Nursing in West Virginia
  • Certificate in Nursing in West Virginia

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Distance School City State Rating Acceptance Rate Student Population
5,638 miles from location Mineral County Vocational Technical Center Keyser WV n/a n/a n/a
5,641 miles from location South Branch Career and Technical Center Petersburg WV n/a n/a n/a
5,691 miles from location West Virginia University Morgantown WV 36.9068 39% 28,898
5,815 miles from location Marshall University Huntington WV 62.2969 84% 13,776
5,744 miles from location Mountain State University Beckley WV 6.59595 n/a 5,951
5,701 miles from location Fairmont State University Fairmont WV 22.3033 29% 4,574
5,575 miles from location Shepherd University Shepherdstown WV 24.2566 44% 4,256
5,774 miles from location West Virginia University at Parkersburg Parkersburg WV 13.0487 n/a 4,223
5,584 miles from location Blue Ridge Community and Technical College Martinsburg WV 8.7948 n/a 3,247
5,735 miles from location West Virginia Northern Community College Wheeling WV 9.87878 n/a 3,150
5,746 miles from location New River Community and Technical College Beckley WV 8.55403 n/a 2,812
5,701 miles from location Pierpont Community and Technical College Fairmont WV 10.4503 n/a 2,729
5,729 miles from location West Liberty University West Liberty WV 50.1226 42% 2,651
5,790 miles from location Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College Mount Gay WV 9.61491 n/a 2,619
5,779 miles from location Kanawha Valley Community and Technical College Institute WV 9.51762 n/a 2,226
5,737 miles from location Bluefield State College Bluefield WV 17.4902 78% 1,989
5,638 miles from location Potomac State College of West Virginia University Keyser WV 14.3357 n/a 1,810
5,700 miles from location West Virginia Wesleyan College Buckhannon WV 57.5513 36% 1,416
5,771 miles from location University of Charleston Charleston WV 21.4385 29% 1,396
5,733 miles from location Wheeling Jesuit University Wheeling WV 26.2309 27% 1,367
5,721 miles from location Salem International University Salem WV 14.2866 n/a 751
5,692 miles from location Alderson Broaddus College Philippi WV 50.7487 37% 711
5,680 miles from location Davis & Elkins College Elkins WV 55.8602 23% 710
5,743 miles from location Academy of Careers and Technology Beckley WV 28.6213 n/a 261
5,812 miles from location Cabell County Career Technology Center Huntington WV 37.3005 n/a 220
5,737 miles from location Mercer County Technical Education Center Princeton WV 28.0456 n/a 174
5,592 miles from location James Rumsey Technical Institute Martinsburg WV 32.7835 n/a 145
5,771 miles from location Garnet Career Center Charleston WV 28.6977 n/a 143
5,691 miles from location Monongalia County Technical Education Center Morgantown WV 37.6948 100% 120
5,701 miles from location Fred W Eberle Technical Center Buckhannon WV 37.5491 n/a 114
5,700 miles from location Opportunities Industrialization Center-North Central West Virginia Fairmont WV 30.086 n/a 103
5,788 miles from location Putnam Career and Technical Center Eleanor WV 36.3133 n/a 101
5,771 miles from location Roane-Jackson Technical Center Le Roy WV 25.2245 n/a 55
5,769 miles from location Wood County School of Practical Nursing Parkersburg WV 42.7649 100% 31
5,743 miles from location Fayette Institute of Technology Oak Hill WV 36.6304 n/a 30
5,787 miles from location Ralph R Willis Career and Technical Center Stollings WV 31.2295 n/a 29
5,733 miles from location John D Rockefeller IV Career Center New Cumberland WV 22.851 n/a 27
5,709 miles from location United Technical Center Clarksburg WV 38.1291 100% 25
5,735 miles from location B M Spurr School of Practical Nursing Glen Dale WV 42.5661 83% 19

Curious what studying Nursing gets you?

Check out the different options and how they're looking in West Virginia

Rank Profession Employment Number Avg Salary Job Growth (past 5 yrs)
Registered Nurses + 17,650 $54,300 12.9%
Nursing Aides, Orderlies, and Attendants + 8,020 $21,480 -23.8%
Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses + 6,520 $32,750 -2.0%
Medical and Health Services Managers + 1,810 $76,740 -18.8%
Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioners, All Other + 120 $80,120 -36.8%

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