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English students will find that this list incorporates a variety of different subjects, eras, cultures and writing forms. Courses in contemporary literature, British literature, technical writing, understanding the narrative, and linguistics provide varying levels of study to students interested in pursuing careers in writing, literature analysis, teaching and more. Like many traditional English classes, this collection aims to combine politics, cultural trends, and economics to give students an inclusive understanding of the societies they study through literature, including the Caribbean, modern day British territories, the United States, Asia and other cultures around the world.

These classes also provide resources for students needing professional guidance and tips on transitioning from academic environments to the workforce. Technical writing can generally be a more profitable career choice for English majors, and students will benefit from the tutorial on maximizing technology to benefit their particular goals and jobs. For students wanting help pursuing their individual writing careers, though, certain classes in this list give quality tips and insight into developing a narrative, studying the effects of language on an audience and understanding how the narrative plays out in the contemporary digital age.

  • Prizewinners [MIT] - MIT's course on literary Prizewinners includes works by Northern-Irish poet and Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney and Caribbean poet and Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott. Students will examine their epic poems, Beowulf and Omeros, as well as shorter poems.
  • Introduction to Writing: Academic Prose [Utah State University] - Students taking this course study everything from cultural myths to the family narrative to media analysis to research.
  • Contemporary Literature: British Novels Now [MIT] - This contemporary literature class focuses on how British authors have responded to the weakening empire's political, social and cultural influences on the rest of the world.
  • Technology for Professional Writers [Utah State University] - Working professionals and students wishing to pursue a career in writing will discover new technologies and developments in the more practical writing industry.
  • Introduction to the Study of Linguistics [UCLA] - Students in this course consider the nature of language, language data, and how a person's biology and psychology affect their usage and understanding of language.
  • Masterworks in American Short Fiction [MIT] - This MIT course aims to consider the explosion and success of the short story form in American culture.
  • Interactive and Non-Linear Narrative: Theory and Practice [MIT] -This course from the Spring 200 semester at MIT is a graduate-level writing class that focuses on the narrative as a modern-day form. The course covers topics in contemporary film, communication culture, and the narrative in the digital age.