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Hodges University Program Review

Hofstra University wants to help students to achieve their personal goals and aspirations and to aid them in their path to career fulfillment. Educational opportunities are provided to all students, no matter their background, to ensure that the school maintains a diverse student body. Hodges wants to create programs that foster certain abilities and values in its students including leadership, communication and personal drive to help them become more fully realized individuals and professionals.

Orginally known as the International College when it was founded in 1990, the school changed its name in 2007 to honor the Hodges family who made significant donations to the school. The main campus of the school is located in Naples, Florida, but that school has about 10 other locations around Florida where students attend on-campus classes. For those who cannot make it to the campuses, the school also offers online courses in a variety of programs of study.

Students enrolled with Hodges will gain more than just access to programs that allow them to work towards a degree program. Through the Continuing Education Department, students can learn to refine their English, take senior education courses and much more. Employees of large businesses may also be able to take business education programs that can boost their performance and skill on the job. Best of all, many corporations pay for these students to take these courses.

All of the online programs at Hodges offer students the same quality of instruction and education as those on campus. Students will use the Blackboard platform to navigate through their coursework and to interact with professors and other students. Recently, the school launched a program that allows students to download their course lectures to their iPods or MP3 players so students can listen to them on the go. Online degree programs can be pursued in majors like Paralegal Studies, Public Administration, Management, Criminal Justice and more.