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  • Capella University Btn_top_more_info
  • American Intercontinental University Btn_top_more_info
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Over 3 accredited online gunsmithing programs are offered at the 89 online schools in the US. These accredited online gunsmithing schools have an enrollment of an estimated 3,622 students. These online gunsmithing colleges typically have an open admissions policy. This means that they admit anyone who is interested in online gunsmithing courses as long as they meet the minimum general requirements.

These schools offer online gunsmithing classes at the following level:

  • Certificate in gunsmithing

Accredited online gunsmithing schools offer 3 online gunsmithing certificate programs for students to choose from.

Of the 3,622 students enrolled in online gunsmithing classes, 29% graduate in a timely fashion. The remaining 71% of students who are enrolled in an accredited online gunsmithing programs either drop out or take an inordinate amount of time to complete their online gunsmithing certificate.

Of the various professions online gunsmithing college graduates can choose from, one of the most popular is as a gunsmith. Gunsmithing certificate holders can expect to earn a yearly salary anywhere from $16,210 to $106,010, depending on factors such as large or small employer, seniority, or the exact job. Gunsmiths earn $33,500 per annum, on average.

Disclaimer: The data used above represents both online and offline offerings. Data for only online schools is not readily available. However, this data can give students a basic picture of what to expect.

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Online Gunsmithing Programs Offered

  • Gunsmith - The Penn Foster Career School Online Gunsmith program provides specialized coursework for firearm enthusiasts interested in learning more about firearm safety, assembly and disassembly process and how perform basic metalwork for repair purposes. Online Gunsmith program students apply their skills to maintain their sporting and recreational firearms collection or as a supplementary certificate to obtain employment in firearm dealers or the firearms department in retail sporting goods stores. Students complete 6 instruction sets, including NRA assembly guides and firearm service manuals.

Online Gunsmithing Programs Offered