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Over 11 accredited online locksmith programs are offered at the 89 online schools in the US. There are approximately 32,958 students enrolled in these accredited online locksmith schools. These online locksmith colleges typically have an open admissions policy. This means that they admit anyone who is interested in online locksmith courses as long as they meet the minimum general requirements.

These schools offer online locksmith classes at the following level:

  • Certificate in locksmithing

Accredited online locksmith schools offer 11 online locksmith certificate programs for students to choose from.

Of the students who enroll in online locksmith classes, a reported 52% graduate within a reasonable amount of time. And approximately 48% do not.

After graduation, online locksmith college graduates can choose from careers such as a locksmith. Locksmith certificate holders can expect to earn a yearly salary anywhere from $15,800 to $98,840, depending on factors such as previous work experience, the specific employer, or location. Locksmiths earn an average yearly salary of $37,020.

Disclaimer: The data used above represents both online and offline offerings. Data for only online schools is not readily available. However, this data can give students a basic picture of what to expect.

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Online Locksmith Programs Offered

  • Locksmithing - The Penn Foster Career School Online Locksmithing program focuses on the development of practical techniques to effectively use locksmith specific tools to open a variety of different mechanical locks. Participating in the Online Locksmithing program cuts down on at-work locksmith training needed as individuals will already be versed on how to read a lock, open them without keys by using the proper tools and even know how to perform standard residential lock installation. The 6 instruction sets features plenty of hands-on practice with equipment such as locks picks, shims and a rekey pinning kit supplied by the program.

Online Locksmith Programs Offered