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How will your plumbing education stack up?

If you want to study plumbing at home, you should be aware of how your education will compare to the education available elsewhere in the US. Below is some information to help you get started. The US has 149 brick and mortar plumbing schools.

Top Schools

The top schools in the nation in 2010 that had plumbing programs were:

  1. SUNY College of Technology at Alfred - located in Alfred, New York
  2. Montana State University-Northern - located in Havre, Montana
  3. Pennco Tech - located in Bristol, Pennsylvania

Student Demographics

In 2010 in the US, 2,230 students graduated with certificates in plumbing. Of these students, 1,959 received certifications in plumbing and 271 received an undergraduate degree in plumbing.


Students can pursue education in plumbing at the following levels:

  • Associate's Degree in Plumbing
  • Certificate in Plumbing

During the course of their plumbing education, students can hope to gain the following skills and/or knowledge:

  • Plumbing Code
  • Piping
  • Drainage
  • Fixtures
  • Customer Service


The average tuition at plumbing schools around the nation was $5,653 per year in 2010. The plumbing schools charging the highest tuition were:

  1. Wyotech-Long Beach - located in Long Beach, California, students paid $0
  2. Wyotech-Fremont - located in Fremont, California, students paid $0
  3. Ranken Technical College - located in Saint Louis, Missouri, students paid $12,488

The plumbing schools that charged students the lowest tuition rates were:

  1. Foothill College - located in Los Altos, California, students paid $894
  2. Southeastern Community College - located in Whiteville, North Carolina, students paid $1,299
  3. Pamlico Community College - located in Grantsboro, North Carolina, students paid $1,635

How will your plumbing job compare?

Plumber is the profession of choice for a large number of plumbing graduates. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that in 2010, 358,790 plumbers were working in the US. The states with the largest populations of plumbers are:

  1. California - 32,770 Plumbers
  2. Texas - 29,590 Plumbers
  3. New York - 21,850 Plumbers

Projected Growth

The number of plumbers is expected to grow the fastest in the following states:

  1. Oklahoma - 21%
  2. Utah - 20%
  3. North Dakota - 18%


On average, a plumber earns a salary of $47,910 per year in the US. However, the salary for a plumber can greatly vary based on factors such as experience, seniority or education. Salaries for plumbers range from less than $15,980 per year to more than $153,740 per year. Plumbers in the following states make the highest salaries on average:

  1. Alaska - $73,380 per year
  2. Illinois - $66,200 per year
  3. New Jersey - $63,650 per year

The following states have the lowest average salaries for plumbers:

  1. Mississippi - $36,370 per year
  2. North Carolina - $37,170 per year
  3. Tennessee - $37,170 per year

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Below you'll find various popular careers! Compare professions and see which one you find interesting!

Rank Profession Employment Number Avg Salary Job Growth (Past 5 Yrs)
Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters 358,790 $50,360 -14.7%