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In the US, there are over 12 online schools that offer approximately 12 accredited online plumbing programs. These accredited online plumbing schools have approximately 53,337 students enrolled. These online plumbing colleges have an admission rate of approximately 73%. In other words, 73 out of every 100 applicants receive admission in online plumbing courses.

Online plumbing classes are available at the following level:

  • Certificate in plumbing

Accredited online plumbing schools offer 12 online plumbing certificate programs for students to select from.

Of the students who enroll in online plumbing classes, a reported 44% graduate within a reasonable amount of time. And approximately 56% do not.

Online plumbing college graduates can choose from a variety of professions including a plumber. And those with plumbing certificates can expect to earn a salary in the range of $15,980 to $153,740 per annum. Exact salary will depend on factors such as large or small employer, seniority, or location. Plumbers earn $45,882 per annum, on average.

Disclaimer: The data used above represents both online and offline offerings. Data for only online schools is not readily available. However, this data can give students a basic picture of what to expect.

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Online Plumbing Programs Offered

  • Plumber - The Penn Foster Career School Online Plumber program uses practical exercises to provide students with training on how to interpret blueprints; assemble, install, test and repair plumbing systems and how to use applied math principles for plumbing work. The Online Plumber program creates the formal education foundation graduates need in order to obtain entry level employment in local plumbing service businesses, which will provide the work experience needed to meet certain state licensure requirements for self-employment as a plumber. Students will progress through 8 instruction sets and succeed in 3 practical exercises to graduate from this program.

Online Plumbing Programs Offered