Resources You Need to Go to College at Home

Although deciding to go to college at home provides students more flexibility than a traditional university, some people are reluctant to explore online education because they're not sure if distance learning offers the same kind of assistance and resources found at physical colleges. However, there are plenty of resources online designed to help you if attend college at home, from research on different schools to tools that will help you manage your work.

If you're curious about financial assistance, the Department of Education's site for Student Aid on the Web is a wonderful resource. It's a central location with tons of relevant information about federal aid and college scholarships, and they've also got loan calculators that will help you figure out how much money you might need to borrow for your education and how long it will take you to pay it back. It's an invaluable tool if you're looking for financial guidance as you make the decision to go to college at home.

Another helpful resource before you begin college at home are the accreditation databases run by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. They'll let you know if your chosen online university has been accredited by a legitimate investigative agency and will therefore provide you with the kind of education that employers respect. If your school hasn't been accredited, you need to select a new one.

Going to college at home also requires a consistent focus on time management, since many students of online universities are balancing their studies with full-time jobs, family commitments, and more. An online planner or calendar is a great resource for distance learning students. It will allow you to keep track of due dates and scheduled exams, and it's conveniently stored online, just like the rest of your coursework. Search engines like Google and Yahoo provide free calendars, but there are others out there if you search for them.

You should also remember that just because you're going to college at home, you're not doing it alone. Your online college or university provides academic and financial counselors that are great resources for everything from tuition planning to advice about what to study and how to put your degree to work in the real world. These trained professionals are vital resources if you want to get your degree online. Often, students enrolled in a distance learning program feel cut off from their university, but you shouldn't forget that there are people willing to help you when you need it.

There are a variety of resources available for you if you decide to go to college at home, so it's definitely worth considering.