Open CourseWare for Linux Geeks: 50+ Resources

Posted on 05.22.2008

The Open CourseWare movement is centered on freedom of information, so it's only natural that Open CourseWare offers education on an open format such as Linux. Whether you're just getting started or are an advanced developer, there's something out there for you to learn. Here, we've highlighted more than 50 of the best Linux courses you can take. Introduction If you know nothing about Linux, take some time to get familiarized with these courses.

  1. An Introduction to Linux: Visit this course to get an introductory look at Linux and find out why you might want to run Linux.
  2. Unix Tutorial for Beginners: To learn about Unix, take a look at this tutorial course.
  3. An Introductory Guide to Linux Basics: This course makes Linux easy for even beginner users.
  4. Getting Started with Linux: Visit this beginner level course to get an introductory understanding of Linux.
Use In these courses, you'll learn all out great ways to get the most out of Linux.
  1. Free Software for Busy People: In this resource, you'll learn about switching to Open Office and other free Internet tools.
  2. Audacity: Check out this course to get loads of information on using Audacity in Linux and beyond.
  3. User Applications: Visit this course to find out about the number of Linux applications available to users.
  4. Open Office: In this course, you'll learn more about this open source office application.
  5. Ubuntu Desktop Guide: Learn how to use the Ubuntu distribution with this course.
  6. GnuCash Concept Guide: In this guide, you'll find loads of help with using GnuCash, an open source personal finance application.
  7. Linux for Computer Scientists and Engineers: Check out this course to get an understanding of how Linux can be used for engineering and computer applications.
  8. FreeMind: In this course, you'll get a good look at the FreeMind mind mapping tool for Linux.
  9. Getting the Most Out of Linux: Use this course to get an intermediate look at using Linux.
  10. Gentoo Linux Handbook: Check out this course to learn how to use Gentoo in a number of different ways.
  11. GIMP Course: Take this course to get a good understanding of how to use this Linux equivalent to Photoshop.
  12. Linux, Wide Open: This course offers an advanced look at Linux, covering security, web servers, system administration, and more.
  13. Office Applications: Find out which office applications work best with Linux in this course.
Administration Are you a network administrator? These courses were designed specifically with you in mind.
  1. Linux Network Administration: In this course, you'll cover all the details you need to know about for Linux network administration.
  2. How to Set Up a Mail Server on a GNU Linux System: Visit this guide to learn how to set up a mail server with a number of different users, domains, and security solutions.
  3. Linux System Administration Guide: Visit this course to get the lowdown on Linux system administration.
  4. Administracion basica de un sistema UNIX-Linux: This Spanish-language course offers a look at Unix/Linux administration.
  5. Administracio advanca del sistema operatiu GNU/Linux: Get a more advanced look at Linux administration with this Spanish course.
  6. Network and Computer Security: This course will teach you how to make your computers and networks secure, with the option to take on a Linux project.
Business Just because Linux is free doesn't mean it doesn't have an impact on business and commerce. Find out how Linux makes a difference in these courses.
  1. Culture, Value, and Communication: This course takes a look at how university publishers are moving toward open source, as well as how others are building enterprises on the free intellectual economy.
  2. Media, Education, and the Marketplace: In this course, you'll take a look at how open source projects like MIT's OpenCourseWare have an effect on the marketplace.
  3. The Marketing of Free Software by the End User: This course considers how users market free software.
Novell Novell, a company that provides open source software solutions, has a number of training courses for the software they support, and we've highlighted them here.
  1. Upgrading to Certified Linux Professional 10: Check out this course to find out the differences between SUSE Linux Enteprise Server versions 9 and 10.
  2. Bridging NetWare Skills to Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux: In this course, you'll find out how you can make use of your NetWare skills in the Novell Open Enterprise Server.
  3. Getting Started with the Novell Linux Desktop: This course offers an introduction to the Novell Linux Desktop.
  4. Getting Started with Linux: Novell's Guide to CompTIA's Linux+: Here you'll learn how to perform administrative tasks in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.
  5. Get Ready for Open Source: SUSE Linux Enteprise Desktop (Book 1): This low-level course will provide you with the fundamentals you need to use the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.
  6. Get Ready for Open Source: SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (Book 2): Here you'll get a continued look at what you need to know to work on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.
  7. Upgrading to Certified Linux Engineer 10: If you need to learn how to upgrade from SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 to version 10, be sure to take this course.
  8. Migrating from RedHat to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server: Check out this course if you're making the switch from RedHat to SUSE Linux.
  9. Make the Switch: Novell's Guide to the Novell Linux Desktop: Here you'll learn how to switch to the Novell Linux Desktop.
  10. Migrating to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9: Check out this course to make the switch from other Linux distributions to SUSE.
Concepts Get an understanding of legal, cultural, and ethical issues surrounding Linux using these courses.
  1. Software Libre: Check out this course for an understanding of the free software movement.
  2. The Impact of Open Source Software on Education: Find out what leading authors have to say about open source educational software.
  3. A Fair(y) Use Tale: To learn about the concept of copyright and fair use, take a look at this course video.
Development Check out these courses to build on your understanding of Linux development.
  1. The Pocket Linux Guide: If you'd like to learn more about building a GNU/Linux system from source code, take a look at this course.
  2. How to be a Programmer: This course discusses programming in Linux and beyond.
  3. Sound Encounter of the Computer Kind: This course will teach you how to program a computer that's running GNU/Linux to produce sounds.
  4. Package Management: Here you'll learn about packages and application packing for Linux.