100+ Job Resources for Librarians

Posted on 06.04.2008

Whether you just graduated or are an experienced professional looking for a change, the Internet offers much in the way of job resources. Career searches can be done by geographical location, specialty, or with no specifics required at all. In addition to job searches, you can also find information to prepare you for the search and how to accept that perfect position when you land your new job. Below you will find over 100 resources to help you along your journey. General Library Career Searches All of the links below offer assistance with the job search, and many of these are specifically geared to the search for librarians. All of these resources are free of charge, but a few offer the opportunity to sign up for accounts (again free) to enable more personalized services.

  1. ALA Job List works like many of the major employment websites and offers searchable job postings as well as features such as the ability to post your resume for prospective employers or placement services.
  2. Library & Information Technology Association Job Search offers job searches by geographical region. New vacancies are posted each week on Wednesday morning.
  3. Combined Job Postings is the collaborative result of Library Job Postings on the Internet and LISjobs.com and offers chronological listing of job postings.
  4. ASIS&T offers a job search as well as continuing education and job placement services. You can search the listings for free or set up a free account for access to specialized services such as job alerts and resume management.
  5. UT School of Information JobWeb provides a job search page where you can search with specific key words or specify search criteria such as geographic location, field of study, professional or internship.
  6. Clarion Library and Information Science Position Listing is a simple search whereby you click on search features such as the type of library (academic, public, special, or school) or geographic region.
  7. Indiana University offers a free nationwide and international job search for their students, but anyone can view the listings.
  8. Black Caucus of the ALA lists short descriptions of available positions with links to the full descriptions.
  9. LibJobs provides an international search for library jobs. Sign up for a free account to post up to five resumes or create a job search profile.
  10. Library Journal Job Zone keeps an updated listing of national library job openings.
  11. Library Job Postings on the Internet is a comprehensive listing of job searches throughout the U.S and the rest of the world as well.
  12. Employment Resources for Librarians offers over 100 links to online resources broken down by categories such as employer, specialty, associations.  Note that this resource has not been updated recently and some of the links are no longer available.
  13. CALA, similar to the mission of APALA, provides resouces to Chinese Americans and lists job openings as they become available.
  14. Indeed provides job searches for any profession, but pulls from newspapers and job boards as well as the major job search engines.
Higher Education Career Searches These career searches are specifically for positions within higher education. In addition to these links, you can also visit the website of specific colleges and universities to see what may be open at their institutions.
  1. HigherEdJobs.com offers a national search of available college and university positions. While this site is not specifically for library sciences, it does have a "Libraries" section that narrows the search.
  2. Academic Careers Online offers a job search for all positions in academia. Under "Administrative Postions," click the checkbox next to "Library administration, librarian" to begin your search.
  3. Chronicle Careers, a part of The Chronicle of Higher Education, allows you to search by position type, discipline/field, state/region, or institute name or you can create a custom search.
  4. EDUCAUSE lists middle and upper-management positions. To find library-specific listings, you will need to use the keyword function.
  5. Inside Higher Ed has an advanced search allowing you to seach by keyword or within their job categories. This site also offers helpful information about looking for a job within the "For Job Seekers" section.
  6. Academic 360 offers links to academic job listings by category. Click on "Library Science" under both "Administrative Positions by Function" and "Faculty Positions by Discipline."
  7. Academic Employment Network allows you to find positions available nationwide with this search tool. Enter "librarian" into the keyword search to find listings in both higher education and K-12 environments.
  8. Ted Job specializes in finding positions within higher education. You can search by keyword, post your resume, or browse by employer.
  9. Academic Keys is another search engine for employment in academia, but this one also offers an online forum, salary information, and useful links. UniversityJobs.com offers searches, resume posting, and job alerts for openings in universities throughout the world.
  10. Diversejobs provides searches for postions in higher education with an emphasis on promoting diversity in the workforce.
Specific Types of Library Positions Like any career field, library science can be broken down by area of specialty. Below are several specialized types of library positions available across the country.
  1. Library of Congress job listing offers internships, temporary, and full-time positions. Note that not every position is open to the general public.
  2. Art Libraries Society of North America provides a chronological job listing for openings at art libraries. While most positions appear to be specifically for librarians, some are for other professions as well.
  3. Association of Research Libraries job listing is searchable by state for positions available in both ARL member libraries and non-ARL member libraries alike.
  4. Medical Library Association gives a view by state of openings in the medical library field by state. Only states with available jobs will be listed.
  5. Music Library Association seeks to provide opportunities to new applicants in the music library field with their job opening listing.
  6. REFORMA compiles a weekly listing of library and information services jobs specifically for Latinos or Spanish-speakers from a variety of sources.
  7. ATLA posts job openings in theological libraries across the U.S. with ATLA memberships.
  8. USAJobs is the "official job site of the United States Federal Government." Use the keyword search to find library employment opportunities.
  9. Major Orchestra Librarians' Association provides job openings for librarians and archivists with orchestras in the U.S.
  10. News Library Jobs keeps a running list of library positions available in newspaper, magazine, and TV news media.
  11. America's Job Bank offers a listing of state jobs available. Click on your state of interest to see what is available.
Searches Within Specific U.S. Geographic Locations Many areas within the United States offer librarian job search resources. Most of the big ones are listed below.
  1. Greater Western Library Alliance covers job openings from 31 research libraries in the midwest and western state regions with their chronological job listing.
  2. CARL job listings provides a listing of academic and research library positions in California. You can even subscribe to an RSS feed to keep up-to-date with these job postings.
  3. ACRLNY offers academic and research positions in the "New York metropolitan area and beyond."
  4. Hartzell-Mika Consulting, LLC lists available library positions concentrated in the Michigan area and sometimes beyond.
  5. Georgia Public Library Services offers a listing of library jobs in Georgia and the southwest.
  6. Maine State Library maintains a current listing of all types of library jobs available in Maine.
  7. South Carolina State Library lists library openings throughout the state.
  8. Virginia Library Association keeps a current state-wide listing of positions.
  9. State Library and Archives of Florida offers a free job search, but job seekers with a Master's degree from an accredited ALA program can also post their resumes on the site.
  10. Colorado State Library has listings for library positions in Colorado and a small listing for national openings as well.
  11. Arizona Library Job Line offers library job listings in Arizona as well as a few in other western states.
  12. Kansas Library Association posts complete job descriptions of available postions around Kansas.
  13. Mountain Plains Library Association is a community libraries from twelve states ranging from Arizona to North Dakota. Their jobline lists open employment opportunities from member states as well as links to other joblines.
  14. Utah Library Association lists jobs available in libraries throughout the state.
Agencies Agencies are in the business of matching employers and employees, so take advantage of their connections to help you find your dream job. Most do not charge job seekers for their services.
  1. Keister and Associates specializes in matching employers with executive directors and upper-management librarians.
  2. InfoCurrent is a library and records management staffing agency that offers an online search of their postions. Just click on "View Library Jobs" to see what is available.
  3. C. Berger Group is a library consulting and staffing company that offers to connect job seekers with prospective employers. You will have to contact them to initiate the services, though.
  4. Heller and Associates provides employment services for librarians including interviewing tips and resume evaluation. Note that their partial job listing is not current.
  5. Library Associates Companies is a recruiting and outsourcing company for libraries. You can either perform an online search for open positions or you can contact them directly to submit your resume.
  6. Cadence Group offers a listing of nationwide openings placed through their woman-run agency and will also accept resumes for future job postings.
  7. Labat-Anderson Incorporated is a consulting agency that specializes in government jobs with agencies such as EPA, NASA, and Air Force. You can view their job listings or send your resume.
  8. PTFS offers staffing solutions to companies in the digital archiving field. You may submit your resume even if they do not have library positions in their current listings.
  9. LSSI is a library management company that hires staff for their client libraries. They offer a nationwide job listing of their current clients and encourage phone calls from job seekers to discuss placement opportunities.
  10. Infotrieve is a consulting service for information centers and special libraries that offers job listings of current positions available with their clients.
  11. Pro LiBRA provides consulting services to libraries throughout the northeast. They do not provide a job listing, so applicants will need to contact the agency directly.
  12. Wontawk serves the nation, with an emphasis on the northeast area, with staffing solutions for libraries. Search their job postings online or keep your resume on file with them.
International Opportunities Some of these resources are international agencies who have job placements in various countries and others are specific to one country. Also, there are links to non-traditional work opportunities that will typically provide one or two year placements for U.S. citizens.
  1. Jinfo is an employment agency in the U.K. specializing in information jobs. Use their keyword search to find librarian positions.
  2. TFPL provides an international job search for information specialists with an emphasis on jobs in the U.K.
  3. Intelligent Resources, based in London, offers international job placement opportunities. Applicants must fill in an online form to start the process.
  4. The Partnership Job Board offers a listing of  employment opportunities in libraries throughout Canada.
  5. Australian Library and Information Association will give you the latest library positions available in the land down under and is also available as an RSS feed.
  6. LIANZA keeps a list of employment vacancies in New Zealand.
  7. The one umbrella provides an online job search for library positions throughout Australia and is RCSA accredited.
  8. Peace Corp offers opportunities for two year terms to those with library science degrees and one year experience. Peace Corp provides living stipend, but this is all about the experience, not the money.
  9. International School Services hires educators, including librarians, to staff private, international American schools.  Their two year tours require certification and two years current experience in a K-12 classroom.
Listservs Listserves offer open discussion between members brought together for a specific purpose. While most listservs do not focus specifically on employment, it is not uncommon for job postings to make their way into the discussions. If you find a listserv that sounds interesting to you, subscribe, enjoy the flow of conversation, and keep your eyes out for job opportunities. Also, be sure to find out the rules of each list before posting.
  1. Web4Lib is a discussion group for "library-based World Wide Web managers" that also includes postings of  relevant library employment positions.
  2. LibJobs, sponsored by International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, sends emails to subscribers about library job opportunities and also offers a searchable archive.
  3. LM_NET provides support services to librarians in the school media arena.
  4. Listservs for Librarians offers a small listing of listservs available and instructions on how to subscribe to them.
  5. COLLIB-L is a discussion group for college librarians. Go to their site for subscription information and ground rules.
  6. Government Document Listservs is provided by the ALA and lists the various discussions groups open for subscription.
  7. Library Related Listservs offers listservs by category, including public, academic, and special library groups.
  8. FLICC provides several links to listservs specifically for federal librarians. This listing includes topics of conversation and subscription information for each.
Job Search and Professional Development Information The links below will guide you through various aspects of preparing for your job search.  Some are specific to library job searches, but others are just solid employment advice for anyone looking for work.
  1. How to Apply for a Library Job is a Wiki provided by the Library and Information Science and offers a step-by-step tutorial beginning with searching for job listings and ending with accepting a job offer.
  2. Guide to Employment Sources in the Library and Information Profession, put out by the ALA, offers a comprehensive listing of employment links as well as other information helpful during the job search. Note that this publication is from 2005 and some of the links no longer work.
  3. Beyond the Job Check out this blog that provides information such as job search tips and professional development.
  4. LibrarySupportStaff.com offers four pages of links for every step in the job search process.  While this site is specifically for librarians, some of the links provide general job search tips and techniques.
  5. 101+ Commonly Asked Interview Questions, taken from a handout at the Illinois Library Association Conference, lists plenty of questions to practice answering before the big interview.
  6. Certification Requirements for 50 States offers information for librarians seeking positions within public school districts and what requirements they may need to meet to obtain those positions.
  7. The Job Hunt: What I Learned is a blog entry by a librarian that offers 12 suggestions she learned through experience. Don't forget to read the comments section, too, for other readers' suggestions.
  8. Monster.com provides career advice and resume preparation support in addition to their comprehensive job search.
  9. Career Builders offers resume review, listings of career fairs, and a job seeker tool kit.
  10. Yahoo! Hot Jobs has career tools like interview tips, salary ranges, networking and resume help.
  11. About.com lists several tips to make the job search go more smoothly, as well as links to helpful articles.
Now that you know where to look and how to do it, strike out on your own. It's time to let employers know you are available and ready to start your dream job. Good luck in your search.