Paperless World: 50 Tips and Tools for Reading On Your iPod

Posted on 06.12.2008

By Britney Wilkins

By now, you probably know that the iPod is for more than just music. It can be a great device for catching up on your reading, too. Whether you're downloading audio books or study guides, the iPod makes a handy and compact reader on the go, and you can make the most of it with the resources we've collected here.

Tips & Guides

Follow these instructions to get your iPod into ultimate reading shape.

  1. Make use of RSS: Instead of manually updating your iPod, you can use RSS to automatically give you updated news whenever you plug it into your computer.
  2. Storing and reading notes with your iPod: Read up on what Apple has to say about using the iPod to read notes from your computer.
  3. Build an eDoc Reader for your iPod: Learn how to make books, PDF documents, and other electronic texts easy to read on your iPod with this guide.
  4. Mac Automation: notes on your iPod: This quick tutorial shows you how to make creating iPod notes an automated process.
  5. Turning your iPod into an information depository: This guide offers tips for getting audio books and more on your iPod.
  6. How to Create an iPod Tarot Deck: Follow this guide to make an impressive Tarot deck in your iPod.
  7. iPod Notes: Above and Beyond: Read this guide to find out how to best leverage the power of your iPod's notes function.
  8. Reading Documents on Your iPod: Read this user's painstakingly simple guide to reading articles and other text on your iPod.
  9. Read RSS feeds on your iPod: Check out Engadget's tutorial to find out how you can get automatically updated content to read on your iPod.
  10. iPod Notes Feature Guide: Get the official word on Notes features from Apple here.
  11. Listen to audiobooks: Instead of taxing your eyes on a small screen, just listen to the books you'd like to read.
  12. Speed Reading: If you're listening to audio books, you can speed read by changing settings that will allow you to listen to them faster.


Make use of these tools, and getting the reading resources you want onto your iPod will be a snap.

  1. GoogleGet: This little program will download news and weather information from Google News and Weather Room that you can read on your iPod.
  2. Canto Pod: Read the lyrics to your favorite song as you listen to it with this handy little tool.
  3. Google Reader: Get this popular RSS feed reader to get automatically updated content that can be read on your iPod.
  4. eBook to Images: This tool will extract the text out of PDFs and turn it into multiple text images that can be read easily on your iPod's screen.
  5. iPDA: This handy little tool pretty much turns your iPod into a PDA, offering documents, RSS feeds, news, and lots more.
  6. RSS2iCal: Use this script to subscribe to news sources through Apple's iCal.
  7. MP3 to iPod Audiobook Converter: With this converter, you can create audiobooks that are much more manageable than regular mp3s.
  8. iPod Agent: iPod Agent takes the guesswork out of transferring text and other files to your iPod, even breaking down pages into iPod-readable 4k size. It will also gather RSS news feeds for you and put them on your iPod.
  9. Chapter Master: This nifty tool will add chapter stops to your audiobook files, and even offers the option to create images for each chapter.
  10. MarkAble: If you're listening to an audiobook, use this tool to keep your sot for next time.
  11. iPodulator: Using this site, all you have to do is enter a URL of a page or RSS feed, and you'll get a plain text download that can be read on your iPod. It even has a bookmarklet to use in your browser that makes things even easier.
  12. iGadget: This handy little gadget will not only pull RSS feeds for you to read on your iPod, it will help you transfer Outlook data and even create a text library.
  13. eBook Hood: Using this tool, you can convert any eBook into a format that is readable on your iPod.
  14. iPod-notes: Use iPod-notes, a tool that will create iPod ebooks from text files, or even a web page.
  15. Evernote: If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, make use of Evernote to get back the notes functionality you lost in the switch.
  16. Bloglines: With Bloglines, you'll get a simple RSS feed reader that gives you lots of control and the ability to keep clip excerpts.

Reading Sources

Visit these sources to find ebooks, audiobooks, and more reading content that you can load on your iPod.

  1. Raybook: On Raybook, you'll find study guides, cookbooks, travel guides, and much more.
  2. SparkNotes: Download these study guides from SparkNotes to cram on the way to class.
  3. Learn the Lingo: Get language guides on your iPod with everything from Mandarin Chinese to French.
  4. Texterity: Check out Texterity for the iPhone and iPod Touch, a program that makes it easy to read digital versions of popular magazines.
  5. LearnOutLoud: Download audiobooks from a wide variety of categories on this site.
  6. LibriVox: Visit LibriVox to download free audio of books that are in the public domain.
  7. Classic Literature: Here you'll find loads of classic literature that you can download as ebooks for the iPod.
  8. Telltale Weekly: Use Telltale Weekly to get loads of low-cost, high quality audio book downloads.
  9. Audio Bible: Catch up on your bible reading using this free and easy download that offers an mp3 bible.
  10. Encyclopodia: Keep an entire dictionary in your pocket using this tool that puts Wikipedia on your iPod.
  11. Free Classic Audio Books: Listen to human narrated books like Huck Finn and Treasure Island on Free Classic Audio Books.
  12. Mobipocket: Check out bestsellers, enews, elearning and more using Mobipocket.
  13. Game Rules: Always have handy rules that you can reference from anywhere when playing card games and competitive sports with this download for your iPod.
  14. eReader: This online bookstore has more than 30,000 titles available.
  15. Wowzio: Download everything from graphic novels to biography on Wowzio.
  16. Free Speculative Fiction Online: Check out speculative fiction ebooks on this site, which offers a rating system and recommended stories.
  17. Text on Phone: Get more than 20,000 books, novels, and articles that you can read and comment on using your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  18. MS Reader: Get classics, reference books, and lots more from Microsoft's reader.
  19. MWPocket: Download this pocket dictionary to always have word reference in your pocket.
  20. Project Gutenberg Library: Check out the Project Gutenberg Library to download free ebooks to read on your iPod.
  21. Travel Aids: With these downloads, you can learn a language, get a walking tour, and more.