Making Math Fun – Free Online Math Gaming Sites to Improve Skill and Ability

Posted on 01.05.2009

The ability to perform basic mathematical tasks is of the utmost importance for students of all ages.  Engaging students can be an increasingly difficult endeavor as they grow older, especially if the basic skills required are not as solid as they should be.  This is where we return to square one in order to get students back on track.  Sometimes it is the method of delivery that needs to be changed.

Getting students to play math games in order to increase their abilities is fun and interactive, and helps to sharpen skills necessary to move forward with more difficult mathematical processes.  What follows is a list of some sites where educational mathematical games can be found and played for students of all ages and skill levels.

Funbrain:  Funbrain has games for students in grades K-12 that are fun and challenging.  Students can expect to increase their abilities in basic math with the games available and have fun while honing these much-needed skills.

Aplusmath:  The folks at aplusmath have a variety of games for students of varying ages and abilities.  Java and non-Java versions of these games are available for play, and include games for basic multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction, as well as higher-level games for algebra and geometry.

Coolmath4kids:  This particular website has games for math students of varying ages and includes on-screen flash cards and many other fun and interesting games to increase students’ math skills.

Math Playground:  Math Playground is another fantastic website with many games for students of mathematics.  Percentage games, algebra games, and basic geometry games are available, as well as games that help students with more basic math skills.

Gamequarium:  For many practical mathematical applications, Gamequarium is a go-to website for math students.  From money games and problem-solving games, to more adavanced math games, this site provides learners of all ages with many opportunities to learn while gaming.

Primary Games:  The Primary Games website has fun and interactive games that help introduce younger math students to advanced problem-solving and logic, as well as basic math skills. 

Of course, the use of games in mathematical instruction should be supplemental, and cannot replace the value of classroom instruction.  However, try utilizing some of the games on the sites listed above as a fun way to help students to enjoy the learning process while honing skills and getting in much-needed practice at the same time.