How to Make the Most of your Online School Experience

Posted on 03.17.2009

By Courtney Phillips

In recent years, colleges and universities have made their online presence a true force to be reckoned with.  Currently, there are thousands of degree programs available to suit the needs of any type of potential student.  Whether you want to earn a degree in English, marketing, criminal justice, or get and advanced graduate degree—all of these things are now possible online.  Read on for how to make the most of these online educational opportunities.

Time is on Your Side

Without having to move or make the commute to a college campus, you have far more time to dedicate to your studies than in a traditional college environment.  Set up a schedule for yourself each day and use your time wisely.  If you can harness your true potential by making the most of your time, you will surely be successful in your classes and beyond.

Studying Advantages

Many online colleges and universities offer podcasts and video lectures to supplement the coursework and online classrooms.  Use these technological edges to your advantage; revisiting a lecture whether on video or through your mp3 player on your down time could certainly mean the difference between an A or a B on a test or the entire course.

Communication on your Terms

With email, you can contact professors or classmates for points of clarification and this can help ensure your level of success when it comes to the class.  Professors may send you links to sites and articles that can enhance your knowledge base for an upcoming exam and may even be able to help you with essays and term papers with editing suggestions and tips.  Use electronic communication to your benefit and stay in the loop.

Use Outside Resources

In addition to having a whole wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, the fact that your education takes place online shouldn’t get in the way of seeking out supplemental materials locally.  Visit your local libraries and meet up with other students virtually or in person to discuss reading assignments, locate materials that may not be available online, and use these opportunities to enhance your online educational experiences.