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Schools Offering Business Programs in Alaska

Approximately 7.6% of graduates in of Alaska receive business degrees every year. Thus, Alaska's 8 business schools put out approximately 661 business professionals each year.

Top Schools

University of Alaska Fairbanks, which was ranked 41st nationwide in 2010, is the top-ranked school in Alaska that has a business program. It is located in Fairbanks. 109 students graduated with a degree in business from University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2010. Students at University of Alaska Fairbanks paid $5,358 per year in tuition fees.

The second-ranked school in Alaska that has a business program is University of Alaska Anchorage. University of Alaska Anchorage, which was ranked 44th in the country in 2010, is located in Anchorage. In 2010, 260 students graduated from University of Alaska Anchorage business program. The tuition rate at University of Alaska Anchorage was $5,186 per year.

Career Academy, which is located in Anchorage, is the third-ranked school in Alaska that has a business program. It received a ranking of 73rd in the country in 2010. 67 students graduated with degree in business from Career Academy in 2010. Career Academy charged in-state students $0 in tuition fees per year.


If you are hoping to attend one of Alaska's business schools, you can expect to pay an average tuition of $8,389 per year, though tuition can range from $26,360 per year to $2,920 per year. In 2010, the business schools that charged the highest tuition rates in Alaska were:

  1. Alaska Pacific University - located in Anchorage, students are charged $26,360 per year
  2. Charter College - located in Anchorage, students are charged $17,750 per year
  3. University of Alaska Fairbanks - located in Fairbanks, students are charged $5,358 per year

The following Alaska business schools had the lowest tuition rates:

  1. Ilisagvik College - located in Barrow, students are charged $2,920 per year
  2. Prince William Sound Community College - located in Valdez, students are charged $4,405 per year
  3. University of Alaska Southeast - located in Juneau, students are charged $5,130 per year

A business degree from an Alaska school... what next?

business graduates in Alaska can go into a variety of professions such as chief executive officer, operations manager, business professor, accountant, and budget analyst. If you decide to work as a business professional in Alaska, you will be joining the ranks of approximately 15,790 Alaska business professional as of 2010. This number includes 560 business analysts, 950 chief executive officers, and 7,540 operations managers. The following counties have the largest number of Alaska business professionals:

  1. Anchorage County - 8,570 business professionals
  2. Aleutians East County - 2,540 business professionals
  3. Haines County - 2,010 business professionals

Projected Growth

The government projects that, by 2018, the number of business professionals in the state of Alaska will shrink to 13,380. This would require a 0% decline in the field.


business professionals in Alaska make an average of $79,001 per year. But, salaries for business professional can vary. In 2010, business professional made as little as less than $28,230 per year or as much as more than $159,560 per year in Alaska. The counties in Alaska with the highest average salary for business professionals are:

  1. Aleutians East County - $89,429 per year
  2. Fairbanks North Star County - $83,833 per year
  3. Haines County - $83,376 per year

On average, business professionals earn the least in the following Alaska counties:

  1. Anchorage County - $82,585 per year
  2. Haines County - $83,376 per year
  3. Fairbanks North Star County - $83,833 per year

On average, the highest paid business professionals in Alaska were:

  1. Chief Executive Officer - $154,410 per year
  2. Financial Manager - $96,580 per year
  3. Human Resources Manager - $94,020 per year

The business professionals with lowest average salaries in Alaska were:

  1. Insurance Underwriter - $58,830 per year
  2. Financial Examiner - $57,870 per year

More Information

Take a look at the graphs and charts below for additional Alaska statistics regarding a career in business and to compare salaries with a variety of related fields such as business administration or advertising.

Here are the different levels of study available for you to explore.

  • Associate's Degree in Business in Alaska
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business in Alaska
  • Master's Degree in Business in Alaska
  • Certificate in Business in Alaska

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Rank Profession Employment Number Avg Salary Job Growth (past 5 yrs)
Financial Examiners n/a $57,870
General and Operations Managers 7,540 $86,090 -2.0%
Accountants and Auditors 2,400 $66,710 61.1%
Administrative Services Managers 1,030 $74,060 -36.8%
Chief Executives 950 $154,410 -30.7%
Financial Managers 840 $96,580 -42.5%
Business Teachers, Postsecondary 650 $72,450
Management Analysts 560 $68,720 21.7%
Financial Analysts 490 $79,720 172.2%
Loan Officers 350 $71,120 -5.4%
Budget Analysts 290 $65,280 38.1%
Cost Estimators 280 $77,970 -31.7%
Human Resources Managers 170 $94,020
Personal Financial Advisors 140 $61,180
Insurance Underwriters 100 $58,830 25.0%

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