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Coeur D Alene, ID

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So you're from Coeur D Alene, ID?

Fortunately for you, Coeur D Alene, ID offers a number of great schools to choose from. It's just a matter of finding the right program and study subject for you!


Coeur D Alene College and University Demographics

Coeur D Alene's 2 colleges and universities offer a total of 45 degree and certificate programs for you to choose from, in fields ranging from criminal justice/police science to psychiatric/mental health services technician to chemistry, general.

Toni and Guy Hair Academy is the top-ranked school in Coeur D Alene. It was ranked 66th in the nation in 2010. Toni and Guy Hair Academy has a student population of approximately 88. Approximately 100% of students studying at Toni and Guy Hair Academy choose to study Beauty, making it the most popular course of study at the school.


Coeur D Alene schools charge an average tuition of $1,329 per year. In Coeur D Alene, tuition rates can vary from $2,658 per year to $2,658 per year. The school charging the highest tuition rates is North Idaho College, while the school with the lowest tuition rates is North Idaho College.

Financial Aid

An estimated $10,035,167 in financial aid was received by students at Coeur D Alene colleges in 2008. Institutional grants and scholarships represented $9,831,946 of this aid. The school giving the most institutional grants and scholarships in Coeur D Alene was North Idaho College, which gave students $6,064,528 in institutional financial aid.

Coeur D Alene Student Demographics

Coeur D Alene schools had an enrollment of 5,747 students in 2010. This is 6% of the total number of Idaho college students. North Idaho College had the most number of students of any college in Coeur D Alene, with 5,659 students. Toni and Guy Hair Academy, with 88 students, had the least number of students.

Graduation and Retention Rates

The retention rate for Coeur D Alene colleges and universities, which is the percent of students who return to college after their first year, is about 66%. For every 100 students who enroll in Coeur D Alene schools, 48 eventually graduate. Toni and Guy Hair Academy has a graduation rate of 72%, which is the highest in amongst Coeur D Alene schools. The lowest graduation rate is 23% for North Idaho College.


Of the 5,747 students attending Coeur D Alene schools, 61% are female. 36% of Coeur D Alene college students are older than 24 years. In 2009, 21% of Coeur D Alene college students identified themselves as belonging to a racial or ethnic minority. North Idaho College had the highest percentage of diverse students in Coeur D Alene, with 22% of students identifying themselves as being from a minority background.

Coeur D Alene Faculty Demographics

In 2010, Coeur D Alene colleges and universities employed a total of 591 faculty. 46% of faculty members at Coeur D Alene schools were female. 13% of them identified themselves as being racially or ethnically diverse.

Coeur D Alene schools had an average faculty to student ratio of 1 to 11 in 2009. Northwest Nazarene University had the highest faculty to student ratio, of schools in Coeur D Alene, with 1 to 1.

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