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So you're from Fond Du Lac, WI?

Fortunately for you, Fond Du Lac, WI offers a number of great schools to choose from. It's just a matter of finding the right program and study subject for you!


Fond Du Lac College and University Demographics

Fond Du Lac's 2 colleges and universities offer a total of 125 degree and certificate programs for you to choose from, in fields ranging from art therapy/therapist to human resources management/personnel administration, general to web/multimedia management and webmaster.

Fond Du Lac's top-ranked school is Marian University. In 2010, it received a nationwide rank of 77th. Approximately 2,841 students are currently enrolled at Marian University. Teaching is the most popular course of study at Marian University.


Although tuition varies from school to school, the average tuition for Fond Du Lac schools is $12,497 per year. Marian University charges students $21,490 per year in tuition, which is the highest tuition rate in Fond Du Lac. Moraine Park Technical College has the lowest tuition rate at $3,503 per year.

Financial Aid

In 2008, students at Fond Du Lac colleges received an estimated $5,432,850 in financial aid. Of this aid, $5,371,447 was in the form of institutional grants and scholarships. The school giving the most institutional grants and scholarships in Fond Du Lac was Moraine Park Technical College, which gave students $2,816,407 in institutional financial aid.

Fond Du Lac Student Demographics

Fond Du Lac schools had an enrollment of 11,307 students in 2010. This is 3% of the total number of Wisconsin college students. Moraine Park Technical College, with 8,466 students, had the highest number of students in Fond Du Lac, while Marian University, with only 2,841 students, had the lowest number.

Graduation and Retention Rates

Approximately 74% of students who enroll as first year students at Fond Du Lac schools return to complete their second year. Approximately 42% of students eventually graduate. Moraine Park Technical College has a graduation rate of 43%, which is the highest in amongst Fond Du Lac schools. The lowest graduation rate is 41% for Marian University.


The ratio of female to male students enrolled in Fond Du Lac schools is 57 to 43. 70 students are over 24 years old for every 100 college students In Fond Du Lac, . For every 100 Fond Du Lac college students, 11 students identified themselves as being from a racial or ethnic minority background in 2009. The Fond Du Lac school with the highest percentage of minority students was Moraine Park Technical College, with 12% of students identifying themselves as being from a racial or ethnic minority background.

Fond Du Lac Faculty Demographics

In 2010, Fond Du Lac colleges and universities employed a total of 414 faculty. 43% of faculty members at Fond Du Lac schools were female. 31% of them identified themselves as being racially or ethnically diverse.

Fond Du Lac schools had an average faculty to student ratio of 1 to 35 in 2009. University of Phoenix-Madison Campus had 1 faculty for every 1 student. This was the highest faculty to student ratio for schools in Fond Du Lac.

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