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Free labor relations courseware collections

Labor relations specialists and managers need a thorough understanding of human resources, general business principles, management, labor law, labor unions, economics, national policy, and conflict resolution and negotiation techniques. These professionals generally act as the go-between for companies, employees and labor unions. Typical jobs for labor relations majors include compensation managers, director of industrial relations, mediators and arbitrators, employment and recruitment specialists, EEO officers, employee assistance plan managers and more. Professionals can work independently as consultants, for a consulting firm, or as part of an human resources or personnel department in a larger company.

This collection of labor relations courses include classes designed by respected, distinguished professors at MIT. Coursework covers topics in urban labor markets, human resources management, labor economics, immigration, information technology, public policy, unemployment discrimination in the workplace, labor law, labor unions, strikes and more. Through a combination of management theory, applied human resources strategies, and labor relations-specific policy and history, students get a well-balanced, solid foundation in the field. Students learn to analyze all of these issues in order to set up and maintain legal, appropriate systems for their companies and employees. Readings and additional resources provided by these courses include works in the Harvard Business Review and the California Management Review; and books like Poverty and Public Policy, Working in America, and Internal Labor Markets.