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Free law enforcement courseware collections


For introductory training and education in law enforcement and criminal justice, students can find a range of resources available to them through open courseware. Top colleges and universities like MIT, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Weber State University, the College of Eastern Utah, and The Open University provide free access to their quality curricula to introduce law enforcement concepts and issues to students and professionals. Students can find these courses by searching through a school's political science, law, criminal justice, and psychology departments on open courseware. Syllabi, study materials and lecture notes are available online so that students can complete the class on their own schedule. Professionals already involved criminal justice can get a head start on a new academic or training program by exploring law enforcement courses online, and students in traditional college programs can also use open courseware to learn about the field.

This collection of courses includes classes from anthropology departments, a public health school, criminal justice programs and more. Classes like Law and Society; Improving Understanding and Collaboration among First Responders; and Introduction to Security represent the diverse offering of classes available to law enforcement students. These classes teach vital skills in understanding the legal system, working with other emergency response teams and law professionals, learning about the role of law enforcement personnel and security officers, and understanding the different types of security, including physical security and loss prevention.

  • Improving Understanding and Collaboration among First Responders [Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health] - Law enforcement personnel learn to work with fire fighters, EMTs, private security and other first responders in this course.
  • Introduction to Security [Weber State University] - Understand the basic principles of providing security, including loss prevention and physical security, in this class.
  • Making and Using Rules [The Open University] - Lessons in this collection include “Making formal rules” and “Making, interpreting and applying rules“.
  • Introduction to Psychology [College of Eastern Utah] - Understand human behavior and development by taking this course.