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Free computer science courseware collections

The computer science field incorporates computational theory, information systems, practical applications, databases, system architecture, software engineering and other related subjects. Individuals can use open courseware classes to prepare for a college program, learn new skills to help with their career, or increase their knowledge of computers for their own personal benefit. Schools like MIT, Tokyo Tech, the University of California - Berkeley, and others provide the public with free, easy-to-use courses online that feature lecture notes, syllabi, study materials and extra resources that help students gain a solid understanding of computer science. Classes can be found by searching through a school's electrical engineering, information science, technology, or computer science departments on open courseware.

This collection of courses serves as an example of the different kinds of computer science resources that are available through open courseware. Classes like Pattern Information and Processing, Advanced Data Analysis, Introduction to Computers, Machine Structures, and Mathematics for Computer Science help students at varying levels become proficient in the field. Topics covered in these classes include input-output techniques and theory, data programming, machine architecture, digital computers, logic notation, memory management, counting principles and more. Students can access open courseware classes for free at any time of the day or night, as long as they have an Internet connection. This flexible learning platform makes it easier for professionals to quickly learn new skills and for full-time students to supplement course material from traditional college programs.

  • Pattern Information Processing [Tokyo Tech] - Learn about input-output techniques and supervised learning in this class.
  • Advanced Data Analysis [Tokyo Tech] - This class teaches "basic ideas and practical methods of discovering useful structure hidden in the data."