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Jacksonville University Program Review

Jacksonville University’s mission is to create a student body that has a love of learning and seeks out additional educational and opportunities to enhance their overall academic experience and make them more engaged in their own intellectual growth process. The school assists in this growth by providing a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences that students can build upon while making sure students get hands-on, practical, professional experiences.

Jacksonville University was founded in 1934 as a two-year school called William J. Porter University, but less than 25 years later changed its name to Jacksonville University and moved to its current campus in Jacksonville, Florida. This busy campus, located near downtown, offers students a wide variety of degree programs and majors both on campus and in its online classrooms.

U.S. News & World Report has ranked Jacksonville University very favorably in its annual college ranking, and the school’s graduate programs are rated as some of the best in the South. While these programs attract students to the university, one of the biggest draws and best known programs at the school is in Aeronautics. Students will get training in class and in practice both from the university and through programs that are sponsored by Delta Airlines.

Online classes through Jacksonville allow students that may be too busy or too far from the campus to attend classes on a much more flexible schedule. Course content is delivered via online discussion boards, videoconferencing, or even through the mail. Students will get the chance to build relationships and network with the faculty and other students during the course of their studies. Degree programs from Jacksonville are available in majors like Nursing, Business Administration and Software Design, among many others.