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Worcester Polytechnic Institute Program Review

Students at Worcester Polytechnic will benefit from the school’s desire to help students develop a comprehensive understanding of general education fundamentals while building on this foundation to create a lifelong love of learning. Students are encouraged to seek out personal growth as well as academic growth and to try to understand how technology can impact the lives of people around the world in a positive manner. Students from all backgrounds will be given the tools necessary to excel in the science and engineering fields and to emerge as successful professionals.

The institute was established in 1865 by John Boynton and Ichabod Washburn and was at that time known as the Worcester County Free Institute of Industrial Science. Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, the programs at the institute are primarily undergraduate focused, though there are some graduate programs offered. Students who are interested in pursuing a career in engineering, biotechnology, and other cutting edge scientific fields will be best served by the programs, as Worcester specializes in these fields.

Students will find that the research done at Worcester is more than just a means to get a degree. Work done in the field of Bioengineering makes a significant contribution to Massachusetts’ biotechnology industry and can help students not only to learn but to network as well. Research in metallurgy, untethered health care, fuel cells, applied mathematics and fire protection are currently making waves in each of these fields with cutting-edge research and development.

Distance learning at Worcester is geared towards those who already have an undergraduate degree and are looking for professional certifications and higher level degrees. Students will work at their own pace and on their own time to complete programs in useful and in-demand fields like Business Administration, Information Technology, Technology Marketing, Operations Design, Environmental Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering, and System Dynamics.