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Over 42 accredited online film programs are offered at the 89 online schools in the US. There is an enrollment of a reported 244,343 students at these accredited online film schools. The admission rate for students who apply to these online film colleges is 65%. This means that 13 out of every 20 students who apply for admission to enroll in online film courses receive admission.

Online film classes are available at the following levels:

  • Associate's degree in film
  • Bachelor's degree in film
  • Master's degree in film
  • Certificate in film

Accredited online film schools offer a variety of online film programs for students to select from. They offer 2 online film certificate programs, 6 online film associate's degree programs and 33 online film bachelor's degree programs. In addition, at the graduate level, students may select from 1 online film master's degree program.

Of the students who enroll in online film classes, a reported 52% graduate within a reasonable amount of time. And approximately 48% do not.

Of the various professions online film college graduates can choose from, one of the most popular is as a film professional. Accredited online film school graduates may also choose to pursue a career as a camera operator or a camera equipment repairer, among other options. Film degree and certificate holders can expect to earn a yearly salary anywhere from $15,480 to $146,780, depending on factors such as educational qualifications, large or small employer, or shift timings. In particular, film professionals earn an average yearly salary of $44,856. And camera operators, earn an average salary of $43,096 per year. Camera equipment repairers, earn $43,375 per year on average.

Disclaimer: The data used above represents both online and offline offerings. Data for only online schools is not readily available. However, this data can give students a basic picture of what to expect.

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